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'911: Lone Star' Season 2 Episode 1: Owen Strand makes a tank stop, fans thrilled by 'intense' first scene

'Well thank you #911LoneStar for making a man stealing a tank pull on my heartstrings,' wrote a fan
UPDATED JAN 19, 2021
Rob Lowe as Owen Strand in '911: Lone Star' (FOX)
Rob Lowe as Owen Strand in '911: Lone Star' (FOX)

Spoilers for '911: Lone Star' Season 2 Episode 1 'Back in the Saddle'

'911: Lone Star' is known for its big, dramatic scenes, but the show creators might have just outdone themselves with the opening scene of its second season return. The type of emergency that the team was called in to deal with was far beyond the norm β€” the streets of Austin were terrorized by a moving tank. Rising up to the challenge was Owen Strand (Rob Lowe), who stood his ground and managed to take down a tank, a scene that fans found both thrilling and touching.

"I knew they would be okay because that was almost the whole main cast of the show but still an intense scene," wrote a fan. One user wrote about how the scene seemed to perfectly reflect changing times: "When they shot this, it probably seemed pretty absurd that a guy would steal a tank and go on anti-government rampage but LOL doesn't seem so crazy today. "Only Owen would attempt a Texas standoff with a tank!" wrote a user. "WOW what a thrilling opening scenes of this new season!!" wrote a fan.






The scene also tugged the heartstrings of many fans as the man who stole the tank was a veteran whose child died in the Veteran's Hospital. Strand was able to talk the man down by appealing to his better nature, and acknowledging the ways the government let down its veterans resonated with many users. "Oh wow, he's about to take destroy the VA hospital. For a country that claims to care so much about Veterans, they sure get treated like crap," wrote one user. "My cousin survived years in the Navy only to senslessly die here,' wrote a fan. "Well thank you #911LoneStar for making a man stealing a tank pull on my heartstrings. The things love and sorrow drive you to do," wrote another user.




Fans have been waiting a long time for the return of '911: Lone Star', and it looks like the show delivered on high expectations right from the get-go. The next episode of '911: Lone Star' airs on January 25 on FOX.