'90 Day Fiancé: What Now?': Jon gets emotional as he celebrates Christmas and Lucy's milestone with family

'90 Day Fiancé: What Now?': Jon gets emotional as he celebrates Christmas and Lucy's milestone with family
Jon, Rachel and Lucy (TLC)

Jon and Rachel Walters have been living apart but distance has not reduced the love they have for each other. Rachel has been living in the US with her daughters while Jon has been in the UK. The pair have been hoping that Jon's visa for the US could be approved so they could start their life together but things seem to be tricky as Rachel recently lost her job. 

Despite this, the pair did not give up and knew things would eventually work out. After spending months apart, Rachel decided to fly down to the UK with Lucy to meet Jon. As soon as he laid his eyes on them, Jon was emotional as he was happy to see his family back together. 

To make sure he spent all the time making memories, Jon thought it would be a good idea to celebrate Christmas together. Jon wanted to have a celebration to make memories with Lucy and Rachel thought it would be a wonderful idea. He made sure everything was fit for the celebration as he brought in a Christmas tree and decorated Lucy's room. 

He even brought gifts for her and one of them was a bicycle. Jon wanted to be there for her and teach her how to ride. Without wasting any minute, Rachel, Lucy and Jon went out so she could try riding the bike. Jon became emotional as he was happy to have done the milestone with Lucy. 

He revealed a father always looks forward to certain things like prom and walking down his daughter down the aisle. Jon admitted teaching Lucy how to ride a bike had been a good experience for him as he was happy to be with her during this milestone. The day ended with Jon inviting his mother and sister to have a nice dinner with the entire family. 

The topic of Jon and Rachel having more children was brought to the table. Jon made it clear that he was happy with what they had at the moment and would wait for things to take shape by themselves. He later tried explaining it to Rachel that he wanted to make sure the family was together before having another child. 

Rachel agreed and the family decided to spend their time enjoying what they had then looking for what was needed. 

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