'90 Day Fiancé: What Now?' David decides to get a hair transplant despite feeling scared that it may not work

Annie Suwan and David Tobrowsky have been living a happy married life but there is one thing David wants and that's a hair transplant

                            '90 Day Fiancé: What Now?' David decides to get a hair transplant despite feeling scared that it may not work
Annie and David (TLC)

Annie Suwan and David Tobrowsky have been enjoying their married life but it looks like David wants to make some changes to himself. David met Annie at a point when he had lost everything in life. He recalled being broke as he had lost his job and had recently gotten a divorce. During this time, he had decided to go to Thailand in a bid to find some alone time and get away from everything that had been happening in his life. David recalled sitting at a bar one day and coming across Annie when she got on stage to sing. He revealed he was instantly attracted to her and decided to buy her a drink. 

While David was happy about meeting Annie, he thought he had finally found someone who he would like to spend his life with. Meanwhile, Annie thought David was the perfect person for him as he made her laugh. It seemed like the pair had everything set but David did not realize he would have to pay a lot of money to Annie's parents if he wanted them to give her hand in marriage to him. 

He managed to get all the money sorted and the two finally got married. Now, the pair have a lot going on and have finally sorted their life. David revealed he has got a good job and the two also have a cooking class business online where they teach people how to cook Thai food. The pair seemed to be doing well but there was one thing that David wanted to take care of. He revealed he was not happy with how his head looked and wanted to get a hair transplant done. While Annie did not understand why he chose to do so, she knew it was important to support his decision as it was something he wanted. 

When Annie and David met their friends, she joked that David was undergoing a hair transplant because he wanted to look good for her. Meanwhile, David revealed he was scared and anxious about how his transplant would go. While he was sure he wanted to get one done, he was worried that there was a chance it may not work. Despite this, he knew it had been something he wanted to do for a long time and was willing to put his trust into it, but will he get what he wanted? 

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