'90 Day Fiancé: Will Zied and Rebecca return to 'Before the 90 Days' to share their marital journey?

Zied Hakimi and Rebecca Parrott recently got married and we wonder if they will make a comeback in another season

                            '90 Day Fiancé: Will Zied and Rebecca return to 'Before the 90 Days' to share their marital journey?
Zied and Rebecca (TLC)

Zied Hakimi and Rebecca Parrott first appeared on 'Before The 90 Days' and viewers got to see how their relationship developed over time. While everything seemed to be going well for the pair, problem started in their relationship when Zied found out Rebecca was still married to her husband as they had not legally divorced.

Rebecca tried to explain it to him that they have separated and had to just sign a paper. After a long time, Zied was finally convinced and things became fine between the pair. He decided to purpose to Rebecca with a wedding ring and everything was like a fairytale until she found out he had asked her money to buy the engagement ring. Zied revealed he did not have enough money to buy the ring but promised her that he would buy one once he started earning. At first, Rebecca was surprised but she took some time to understand what had happened and happily accepted the proposal. While the show is coming to an end, their relationship is still going strong. 

Rebecca had revealed on her social media how they were still together but in a long-distance relationship. The pair has often posted pictures of each other on social media and they have not hesitated to show their love for each other. After 'Before The 90 Days', the pair is all set to come on 'What Now?'. 

Viewers will get a chance to see how their relationship evolved and what really happened once they stopped filming for 'Before The 90 Days'. While the 'What Now?' will only cover parts of their relationship, one thing that viewers have seen from the '90 Day' franchise is that they do not hesitate to bring some of their favorite couples back to the show. 

Rebecca and Zied's relationship had everyone convinced it was headed for a disaster but she recently revealed that they are married. A copy of the marriage certificate was shared by Soap Dirt. With the couple starting a new journey in their life and the current season of 'Before The 90 Days' coming to an end, we wonder if the couple would make a return to the show. 

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