'90 Day Fiancé: What Now?': Anny gets pregnant after trying for 7 years, fans say Robert has 'super sperm'

Anny and Robert are expecting their first child together and fans are surprised how quickly she got pregnant after trying for 7 years

                            '90 Day Fiancé: What Now?': Anny gets pregnant after trying for 7 years, fans say Robert has 'super sperm'
Robert and Anny (TLC)

Anny and Robert met online and their relationship soon blossomed into something very special. The pair met face-to-face only for a day, and in 8 hours, Robert proposed to her. He knew she was the one he wanted to be with and did not hesitate to decide he wanted to marry her.

However, after Anny reached the US on her K1 visa, she found it hard to adjust to the new place while thinking Robert had lied about buying her things. Fortunately, the pair was able to get past their differences and the two got married. In the latest episode (May 18), Anny revealed how she was acting as a mother to Robert's son Bryson. 

While Anny loved being a mother, she further hinted that she had always wanted to have a child of her own. She reflected on her journey and revealed she had tried to get pregnant for seven years and had used medications to help her but there was no positive outcome. 

Robert said they thought about having a child of their own a year after their marriage. Robert is already a father of five. He revealed he has five children with four different women. Despite this, he said he wanted to have another child with Anny. It is apparent he's not in the position to support another child financially. 

While Anny agreed, she revealed she hadn't been feeling well. Talking to her friend, she revealed she has been feeling nauseous, has been vomiting, and is having stomach aches. She wondered if these were signs of pregnancy. Her friend suggested it would be good for her to take a pregnancy test. 

Anny was worried about how Robert would feel since he did not want to have a child so soon into their marriage. She decided to show him the pregnancy test. His first question happens to be how she got pregnant when she said she was sure she can't. 

Meanwhile, fans thought Robert had some kind of super sperm. "Anny tried for 7 years to get pregnant then met Super Sperm Robert," read one comment. Another fan wrote, "Robert needs to sell that sperm to fertility clinics."

"Robert said Anny couldn't get pregnant haha! Come on now Robert (5 kids by 5 different women) if anybody can impregnate someone it's Super Sperm Robert He can bust through any IUD," another joked. 

'90 Day Fiancé: What Now?' airs on Mondays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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