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'90 Day Fiance’ Season 8: What does Zied Hakimi do for a living? Rebecca's fiance is all set for American life

Zied Hakimi has finally received his K1 visa, and this comes after a lot of obstacles
Zied and Rebecca of '90 Day Fiance' (TLC)
Zied and Rebecca of '90 Day Fiance' (TLC)

When it comes to '90 Day Fiancé' couples, it can get quite hard figuring out who might just truly have their happily ever after. Sometimes, the most unlikely pairs find a way to make it work, despite all the odds.

One such couple would definitely have to be Tunisian Zied Hakimi, 27, and American Rebecca Parrott, 49. For the two, everything in their relationship seemed like it was working against them, right from their age gap to the fact that Hakimi's sister did not like Rebecca at all.

The situation only got worse as Parrott kept secrets from Hakimi, especially that she looked much older in person than in the pictures — they were heavily edited. Hakimi, who is also a devoted Muslim, was shocked to find out that she's been in a same-sex relationship and that she had a daughter when she had only mentioned two kids earlier. Parrott being married didn't sit well with Hakimi's family either and her divorce wasn't finalized when the couple started dating. But putting all their differences aside, the two managed to make it work. Hakimi is now finally in the USA on a K1 visa. But living in the USA isn't easy or cheap. While Hakimi is trying to adjust to his new life, let's take a closer look at just who he is.

Hakimi is Tunisian


With his friends and family back in Tunis, Tunisia, Hakimi is definitely someone who is proud of his culture and heritage. He's quite close to his entire family. In season 8, we see him talking to his mother quite regularly; he even makes a comment about how Parrott thought Morroco and Tunis were the same, a fact that he was not pleased with. Hakimi isn't the first '90 Day' star from Tunisia, seeing that we had Mohamed Jbali before him. Here is hoping that his relationship turns out better than Jbali and Danielle Jbali's.

He's ready to start his life in America


Not much is known about what Hakimi did for a living back in Tunisia, but Parrott has previously informed her Instagram followers that he used to work as an actor and an audience coordinator for a TV station. Before coming to the USA, Hakimi graduated from an HVAC program (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning school). An HVAC job might just help him deal with his current homesickness better, seeing that he was already planning a trip back to Tunis within days of landing in the USA.

He's had the biggest glow-up of the season


When we saw Hakimi for the first time in season 3's '90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days', no one was impressed with his long hair and choice of clothing — he picked up Parrott from the airport wearing a T-shirt with his face photoshopped on it. However, season 8 has seen him get the ultimate makeover. He has not only lost weight, but his overall style seems to have vastly improved, and more importantly, his hair looks so much better. He's definitely owning this new look and we're here for it.

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