'90 Day Fiance': Will Yara fly back to Ukraine after Jovi forces her to sleep at his mother's house?

'Why not? Ukraine is not such a bad country,' Yara said when Jovi asked if she really wanted to leave the US

                            '90 Day Fiance': Will Yara fly back to Ukraine after Jovi forces her to sleep at his mother's house?
Yara, Jovi (TLC)

Yara came home to a "cool" apartment, which she cannot stop complaining about and Jovi is slowly growing out of his patience. The couple met during one of their travels and for the most part of their relationship have vacationed in different countries and so it's tough adjusting to a different life now where they share a roof. 

Yara is still someone who enjoys the comforts of being home but Jovi is more of a wanderer and is always looking forward to partying with his friends and stepping out to have a good time. On the first night that Yara was in New Orleans, he asked her to leave with him to spend time outdoors, which she declined but not before sarcastically pointing out that she has 30 hours of travel on her. 

In a nutshell, it was not the welcome anyone was hoping for. Jovi couldn't stop being frosty about staying at home while Yara busied herself in listing out the problems the apartment had. She even pointed out that the Champagne glasses were of plastic. But that was not the end of it. The next morning, she called Jovi out for stashing his dirty shorts in the closet and added how it's missing hangers. 

After a few minutes of bickering, the couple stepped out only to have another fight, which led to Yara saying that she could easily go back to her country Ukraine. It all started with Jovi asking Yara what her thoughts were on visiting his mother and staying over at her place for the night so that everyone can know one another better. 

Yara made it clear that they can visit her and come back the same day but sleeping over is not an option because she doesn't feel comfortable doing it. "You have no choice," said Jovi, to which Yara responded fiercely. She told him that he can go alone and that the doors were always open. 

Jovi was surprised to hear it and wanted to confirm if Yara really wanted to go back. "Why not? Ukraine is not such a bad country," she said. The couple finally visited Jovi's mother but what happened there is a story for another time.

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