'90 Day Fiance': Internet offended after Yara compares Ukraine with USA, 'go back to your country' say fans

'Yara, is boujee as hell. Please go back to Ukraine,' a fan commented

                            '90 Day Fiance': Internet offended after Yara compares Ukraine with USA, 'go back to your country' say fans
Yara, Jovi (TLC)

Moving from a different country to adjust in a new one takes both courage and time. For Yara, the shift has been a tough one because she would be uprooting a life she has known and loved for the longest time to be with the man she loves. And then finding out that this man is not only meeting her expectations but also hinting that for him partying is more important than spending time with her, can be quite crushing. 

The apartment was small, the champagne glasses plastic and the Bourbon St, New Orleans smelled of pee and vomit. That was the first place he took her out to see that too after much convincing because she was more invested in cleaning their place up and unpacking than going out. 

As they walked around the city, he asked if she would be up to visiting his mother and the rest of his family. While she seemed interested in doing so, Yara was not particularly keen on staying over at Jovi's place. This led to a heated exchange between the couple, during which, Yara said that she will leave for Ukraine because it's "much better than America". The statement left Jovi surprised and he couldn't help but ask questions of those were her final thoughts on the country she just moved to. 

Meanwhile, fans are having a field day with her statement. Some even called her "high maintenance."

"Jovi is being to demanding and if the Ukraine was so great why didn't you stay there Yara. All you have done since arriving is complain and that's getting old. #90DayFiance," a fan commented, while another shared: "Yara, is boujee as hell. Please go back to Ukraine #90DayFiance."



"Hey Ukraine you can take your rude, high maintenance women back.. #90DayFiance," a user pointed out. "Please send Yara back to the Ukraine!!!! Ain’t been on American soil more than 24 hours and she’s being the biggest snob! #90DayFiance," another viewer tweeted. "Yara doesnt actually want to go back to the Ukraine but she wants to use it was a threat when she wants to get her way. #90DayFiance," one viewer expressed.




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