'90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way': Yazan's family threatens to kill him as rumors of porn clip with Brittany surface

Yazan Abu Horira is facing issues with his family members who have been spreading rumors about his and Brittany Banks' relationship

                            '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way': Yazan's family threatens to kill him as rumors of porn clip with Brittany surface
Brittany and Yazan (TLC)

Brittany Banks and Yazan Abu Horira were looking forward to marrying each other, but things do not seem that easy for this couple. Brittany decided to head back to the US in the hopes that she could finalize her divorce before meeting Yazan and his family again. However, by that time, things had already become bad in Yazan's family.

Before meeting Yazan, Brittany had been posting a lot of pictures on her Instagram. Since her career was modeling, it was no surprise that she used social media as a profile to show off her career and modelling skills. Unfortunately, that did not fit well with Yazan's family members and relatives. Yazan revealed his relatives had been spreading rumors about Brittany and him already being married and living together. At the same time, he was shocked to know that the people closest to him were spreading rumors like he and Brittany had made porn together. However, he was more upset about finding out that his family decided to believe them and not him.

Yazan's parents had been clear about how Brittany would have to give up on her social media if she were to marry Yazan. They wanted her to respect and follow their culture while giving up on things like modeling. However, it does not seem like Brittany is interested in turning her life around for someone else. Yazan's father made it clear he won't allow his son to marry Brittany, and if they were to get married, he would go and kill him. He further spoke about finding it hard to sleep at night as everyday his relatives would send him new pictures of Brittany and state that Yazan dishonoured their family.

However, Yazan wanted to convince his family that she is ready to give up on everything because of him. Yazan met up his brother Obaida in the hope that he could convince his father for him. Wile Obaida tried to explain how Yazan should be given a chance to speak, his father did not seem convinced. Yazan was shocked to find out about his father's threat of killing him. His brother tried to tell him that Brittany was still posting pictures. However, Yazan seemed sure things would chance once he is back. Will Brittany leave everything behind in the name of love?

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