'90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way': Tell all preview shows Corey walk out as Evelin has a new man in her life

Corey and Evelin appeared on the tell-all episode of the show and it seems like their love story might be coming to an end as the preview shows Evelin has a new man in her life.

                            '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way': Tell all preview shows Corey walk out as Evelin has a new man in her life

Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber have had a turbulent relationship and it was extensively shown throughout the first season of '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' and the recent tell-all preview from their upcoming episode hints that the two might be over. The tell-all preview showed Corey and Evelin in a tensed state. However, there was a surprise appearance on the show and it happened to be a man who claimed that he was in love with Evelin. While the identity is yet to be revealed it seemed like Evelin and him talked in the past and knew each other. 

Evelin hinted she has a new man in the tell-all preview (Instagram)

In a clip that was shared by Hot tea pea on Instagram,  Corey seemed to confront the man and asked if he wanted to be with Evelin. Without hesitating the man replied, "Of course. Evelin is the most beautiful girl." 

Hearing this Corey got up from the interview and left. His fellow cast members, Tiffany and Paul also sympathized with him as Tiffany noted, "poor Corey", while Paul added, "I feel so bad for you".  Previously, Evelin had hinted that her and Corey's relationship wasn't in the best place as she had accused him of cheating after he was spotted hanging out with another '90 Day' cast member, Larissa Santos. 

Evelin had previously hinted about ending her relationship with Corey  (Instagram)

Evelin went on to add that Corey was just using Larissa to get the attention on him and feel loved. Corey later took to Instagram to clear the air. Sharing a picture of himself with Evelin, Corey noted that his feelings haven't changed for Evelin. "Evelin I love you from the bottom of my heart I always will! You are the world's most beautiful and amazing woman I could ever ask for," he noted. 

However, it seemed like Evelin was not impressed as she went on to share a post on her Instagram which noted that she would never settle for less. Evelin told her fans that there were various lies that had been cooked up by Corey and that there was no truth to them. "I had never settle for less than I deserve and I never will. Peace of mind 💕 doesn't believe the lies," she wrote. Seemingly dissing Corey, Evelin noted that she wasn't interested in making stories to get five minutes of glory from people. 

"Fame is like a cloud it moves with the wind, some people will run and chase it like clowns I rather just watch it go and enjoy the blue of the sky," she wrote. Looking at their ups and downs it seems like the two have decided to part their ways. 

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