'90 Day Fiancé The Other Way': Laura Jallali's ex-husband confirms her split from Aladin

Aladin and Laura attracted a lot of audience as a pair, especially, because of their age difference and while viewers thought that the pair is living happily ever after, Laura's ex revealed that the pair has split.

                            '90 Day Fiancé The Other Way': Laura Jallali's ex-husband confirms her split from Aladin

Viewers were taken on a roller coaster ride in '90 Day Fiancé The Other Way' with couple Laura Jallali and Aladin. The pair was the talk of the season because of their age difference and their love for "jiggy jiggy". However, it looks like their fairytale life has come to an end as Laura's ex-husband, Andre Leila in a Facebook post confirmed that the pair was no longer together.

Laura met Aladin through Facebook and the two instantly clicked. Just nine days after meeting each other in person the pair decided to get married. 

Laura and Aladin have split (Instagram)

While the two shared a long list of problems in their relationship, their three-day wedding affair seemed like the happy ending they had been wishing for. However, it seems like their good life came to an end even before anyone could have predicted. Leila had shared a Facebook post with the aim of defending their son Liam who had received immense backlash for his behavior towards Aladin on the show. 

Leila mentioned that Liam supported Laura financially and through every other bad relationship, he also noted that she and Aladin were no longer together. "Laura is already divorced from the dude and living in Ecuador for whatever reason," he wrote in his post. 

The pair had tied the knot in a three-day traditional wedding (Instagram)

Rumors had been swirling around that Laura was in Ecuador with a fellow cast member, Evelin. Evelin, who is a resident of Equador also ended her relationship with Corey.  A fan shed light on Laura's status. "So, apparently Laura is in Ecuador because she is not allowed back in the States," the fan noted. 

While it is not certain why Laura decided to head to Ecuador, it does seem like the single ladies are trying to have a girl's trip after ending their respective relationships. Laura and Aladin's split comes as a shock as in the recent episode fans were given a glimpse of a conversation between Aladin and Liam where the 29-year-old confessed he would love to have children with Laura. 

Aladin was even seen enjoying the three-day celebration of their marriage. Even though Liam and Aladin had their differences, the personal trainer made sure to make the most of his night. But it looks like Laura and Aladin will be ending their journey here.

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