'90 Day Fiance: The Other Way': Fans cringe as Aladin, 29, says he hopes to have a big family with Laura, 51

'90 Day Fiance: The Other Way': Fans cringe as Aladin, 29, says he hopes to have a big family with Laura, 51

Laura, 51, and Aladin, 29, are all set to get married in a three-day traditional wedding but one person who is not celebrating this occasion is Laura's son Liam. In the latest episode of the show, Aladin was seen having a conversation with Liam on why he was hesitant about attending the wedding. During the conversation, Aladin also discussed the possibility of him and Laura having a child and expanding their family. However, viewers were left cringing after Aladin made this statement.  

Aladin says he wants to have a big family with Laura (Instagram)

One of the reasons that viewers could not wrap their heads around Aladin's comment was due to the age difference between the couple. "He must not know much about the birds and the bees and the fact that women don’t produce eggs forever," one user noted, while another added, "Huh? He knows she's over 50 right? I don't think them eggs are any good anymore. Quite expired I would say. These men want babies then they need to pick em a touch younger cause that ship has sailed."


Others were quick to assume that the reason for Aladin to marry Laura is to get a green card to enter the US. "It will need to... cause EVERYONE knows Laura can’t have a kid. I think he’s banking on her getting him to the U.S. & he will make a baby... with his 2nd wife," a tweet read. 

Laura's son Liam thinks her and Aladin's relationship won't last long (Instagram)

While another user echoed similar thoughts by adding, "A better life in America." Laura already has a son, Liam, 21, from her previous marriage. However, Liam and Aladin have not been in good terms from the start. 

Despite Laura requesting Liam to have a good relationship with her future husband, the 21-year-old seems to be adamant with the idea that their relationship will not last long. Viewers have been upset with how Liam has treated Aladin in the past despite him trying to better their relationship. 


"Welp, he picked the right woman because her son makes for about seven of them babies.. all over the age of 21 but still behaves like a 5yr old," one user noted, while another added, "I liked Laura's son until he said if she has another child, she won't pay attention to him, Dude, come on."  While Liam and Aladin's relationship seems to be on a rocky boat only the coming episodes can tell if this will blossom into something good. 

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