'90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way': Evelin shades Corey by posting racy picture on social media, says she will 'never settle for less'

Evelin Villegas wants the world to know that she has moved on from Corey Rathgeber and is never going to settle for 'less'.

                            '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way': Evelin shades Corey by posting racy picture on social media, says she will 'never settle for less'

Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber's relationship had been hanging by a thin thread ever since they started their relationship but it seems like the thread has been cut ever since the news about Corey hanging out with fellow '90 Day Fiancé'  star Larissa  Santos came to light.  Recently, Evelin took to Instagram to share a racy picture of herself and hinted that she is done being in a relationship with Corey and wanted to move on.  Leaving very little to the imagination, Evelin posed in the water and noted about never settling for less. 

Evelin posted a racy picture shading Corey (Instagram)

Evelin told her fans that there were various lies that had been cooked up by Corey and that there was no truth to them. "I had never settle for less than I deserve and I never will. Peace of mind 💕 don't believe the lies," she wrote. Seemingly dissing Corey, Evelin noted that she wasn't interested in making stories to get five minutes of glory from people. 

"Fame is like a cloud it moves with the wind, some people will run and chase it like clowns I rather just watch it go and enjoy the blue of the sky," she wrote. However, fans had mixed reactions towards Evelin's post. Some praised the reality star for her attitude. 

"You are a natural beauty, down to earth and speak your mind. The other one pales in compassion to you, this is why you’re my favorite!" one fan wrote. Another echoed similar thoughts as they noted, "No matter what, you’ve kept being positive throughout all the fake drama. You’re just independent and amazing, don’t let anybody bring you down!"

Another fan commented that they were surprised by Corey's behavior as they noted, "@ evelin_ecuador. I sure don’t understand why he peruses you for five years yet gives it all up. Oh well at least you are where you want to be in life and you love it and yourself and stay proud of that. Ecuador looks so pretty where you are. You have all your heart's desires right there. You are happy and strong and focused. Be proud."

However, some did not seem pleased with Evelin's message and defended Corey stating he is a good guy. "You will never have anyone love you like Corey did or spend money on you! You screwed up when you lost him!," noted one fan, while another chimed in stating, "This seems like an excuse to leave Corey. He forgave you many times and you are giving him a hard time for hanging as FRIENDS with another castmate... shame on you he said nothing happened and you should believe him." 

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