'90 Day Fiancé The Other Way': Tell all preview shows Laura and Aladin end their relationship on a bitter note

Laura and Aladin have had a rough time in their relationship and the tell-all preview shows that things are not getting any better for the pair.

                            '90 Day Fiancé The Other Way': Tell all preview shows Laura and Aladin end their relationship on a bitter note

Fans have been entertained, shocked, and amazed by Laura and Aladin's relationship on '90 Day Fiancé The Other Way'. However, it seems like their ending is not so perfect. In a recent clip of the tell-all episode of the show Laura and Aladin seem to have parted on bitter terms with each other.

In the clip, which was shared by Hot tea pea on Instagram, the couple is seen getting into an argument as soon as the interview starts. Laura seemed to hint that she was not happy with how their relationship had turned out. 

Laura noted she didn't know what she was getting herself into (Instagram)

"I did not know what I was getting myself into," Laura noted. However, Aladin did not seem impressed with the statement and wanted to intervene but Laura did not give him the opportunity. At this point, Aladin seemed to be frustrated as he noted, "Come on, I am your fu****g, husband, listen." 

Towards the end of the tell-all interview, Aladin confirmed that he wasn't happy with Laura and wanted to move on. "I cannot live with you. I cannot," he noted. Hearing Aladin say these words Laura burst into tears and notes that "it's so embarrassing".  Laura then walked out of the interview stating "I fell like such an idiot." 

Aladin hinted he wanted to end his relationship with Laura  (Instagram)

Laura and Aladin hinted that things are not right in their relationship ever since the first episode aired. Laura often had trust issues and demanded Aladin to show her his messages. The pair would often end up having big arguments that most of the time led Aladin to block her. In the show, Laura revealed that there were times when Aladin had blocked her for three days. 

Recently, a screenshot of conversations that happened with Laura and an unknown person showed her claiming that Aladin was gay and that led to the end of their relationship. Aladin was quick to shut down the rumors and uploaded a video in which he noted, "I want to get some things straight, pun intended". 

At the same time, he shared another post stating their marriage didn't work out because of Laura's behavior. He shared a post that read, "Just because I refuse to eat bad sushi doesn't mean I don't enjoy fish." It seems like the pair have finally ended their relationship for good. 

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