'90 Day Fiancé': Tell-all leak reveals Lisa dropping the N-word on Usman, fans call her a 'rabid racist'

The clip from the tell-all leak reveals Usman and Lisa getting into a heated argument while they talk about her dropping the N-word. Fans immediately called out and said Usman deserves better

                            '90 Day Fiancé': Tell-all leak reveals Lisa dropping the N-word on Usman, fans call her a 'rabid racist'
Usman and Lisa (TLC)

Lisa and Usman often end up fighting but one thing fans did not see coming was Lisa dropping the N-word. Recently, the tell-all for the show had been leaked online that allowed some viewers to watch the show in advance. The leak revealed some very shocking things about the cast including Lana and David's engagement, Yolanda getting coronavirus and many more. 

However, one thing that fans did not expect was the argument that erupted between Usman and Lisa. It all started when Usman pointed out how Lisa had dropped the N-word on him several times and reflected how it was not appreciated in the US. Lisa did not like to be confronted in this manner and hinted she was getting all the hate mails because he was opening a can of worms.

Lisa pointed out she had been receiving a lot of messages from people where they called her racist but in reality, she did not think she did anything wrong.  Meanwhile, Usman did not appreciate her choice of words as he called her out by saying there were few names she called him that even his enemies won't. 

Usman pointed out that he wanted to talk about it during the tell-all because he did not want to hide anything. He asked Lisa to open up about anything and not hide any information. Lisa seemed upset with how things went down but did not have much say in it. While the pair seemed to have their differences, fans pointed out that this was not the first time Lisa had dropped the N-word. 

They highlighted a post she had made on her social media that saw her dropping the N-word yet again. Fans were surprised to see that TLC chose to have someone like that on the show and were quick to call her out for her actions. Many thought she was being racist as one commented, "Why is @TLC allowing rabid racists on #90DayFiance they censored Lisa calling Osman the n-word!!"

One user wrote, "I honestly don't know what they are going to have left to show if they take out the racism and all the f-bombs. Just more proof @TLC will bring on any kind of trash for a dollar." Another viewer said, "Ugh, Usman’s mother was spot on in the beginning. His friends were right in the beginning. Lisa deserves to be alone until she gets therapy, and learn to not be so ridiculously confrontational, demanding and insecure. Usman deserves better."

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