Who is Stephanie Matto? Meet '90 Day Fiance' star who used to work at a strip club before becoming a YouTuber

After being body shamed by people, Matto decided to post pictures on Instagram, wearing outfits she was most comfortable in

                            Who is Stephanie Matto? Meet '90 Day Fiance' star who used to work at a strip club before becoming a YouTuber
Stephanie Matto (stepankamatto/Instagram)

‘90 Day Fiance’ star Stephanie Matto claims she’s a spoiled rich girl who earns her own money. The 30-year-old reality star has her own YouTube channel, Stepanka, which currently has 374,000 subscribers. 

Matto is also an author of ‘Mean Boys & Memories: A compilation of my most hideous, outrageous, and embarrassing moments’. She started uploading YouTube videos in June 2012, before her ‘90 Day Fiance’ fame, and released her first video in May 2013.

Stephanie Matto says she was called terrible names since adolescence. Stephanie says long before her first kiss, people gave her trouble about her looks and the way she dressed. No matter what she wore, even if she dressed to please others, she claims people still had nasty things to say.



So the ‘90 Day Fiance’ cast member developed a thicker skin and started to care less about what others said. Matto decided to post photos of herself on Instagram wearing whatever she wanted. Stephanie says she was happy with herself and for someone who isn’t thin or has the perfect body; she is still proud of herself.

Stephanie often makes derogatory remarks about her looks and body implying that she’s not attractive. Many fans wonder if she actually believes that or if she’s using it as part of her “story”. Lots of fans are confused because they find her stunning.

Erika Owens (Matto’s ‘90 Day Fiance’ partner), 24, a photographer from Port Augusta, Australia connected with Stephanie on Instagram after becoming a fan of her online persona. The Yonkers, New York resident Stephanie, otherwise known as ,Stepanka had been in love with Erica for a year before their TLC debut. Stephanie also revealed on the show that her suffering from aplastic anemia was life-threatening enough to make her die from a common cold, but she still flew to Australia. 

But Stephanie hiding her bisexuality from her family, and her evident lack of chemistry with Erika throughout the season, made many fans doubt her honesty. The ‘90 Day Fiancé' couple may not be on talking terms anymore but they’ve gained massive popularity on social media. 

At one point in time, Matto worked in a strip club. Her YouTube content is a combination of fun and sexy. Many of her videos have click-bait titles with the “naked” but she is definitely not naked in them. After all, nudity is against YouTube’s policy. In 2009, she also starred in a movie called, ‘She Got It’.


Originally from a small town in the Czech Republic, an influencer who’d moved to New York with her mother Magda at the age of seven, felt like an outcast due to initial language barrier. But uploading videos helped Stephanie stop “feeling so alone.” 

She has uploaded a total of 772 videos. Her latest upload is a “sexy fall try-on” haul from her 30th birthday and an earlier one shows the TLC star getting chin liposuction. Since her ‘90 Day Fiancé’ debut, Stephanie has updated her Instagram bio to 'YouTuber, author, Martha Stewart of OnlyFans. Her Instagram has a fan following of 262,000.

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