'90 Day Fiance' Season 9: Shaeeda says she is 'prepared to walk away' over prenup disagreement

'90 Day Fiance' Season 9: Shaeeda says she is 'prepared to walk away' over prenup disagreement
Shaeeda on '90 Day Fiance' Season 9 (TLC)

Out of all the conversations the couples on '90 Day Fiance' have before the wedding, finances are probably the most important one. After all, until the arrival of their green card, only one person is allowed to work, which tends to put a lot of strain on the relationship. While most couples are dealing with financial woes this season, it looks like Bilal and Shaeeda are also in a bit of a similar situation, but not entirely.

Bilal is rather financially stable, seeing that he runs a successful real estate business -- money is not an issue for him. However, for Shaeeda, who had her own life back in Trinidad, giving up everything and moving to the USA was not easy, seeing that it meant she had to start from scratch. Now, with Bilal insisting on a prenup, it looks like Shaeeda is caught in a tough spot.

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Having gone over the prenup, Shaeeda quickly realized that it did little to protect her should the couple file for divorce and decided to have her lawyer look at it. In addition to that, there was also the fact that Bilal made no mention of them having kids together, a fact that Shaeeda had made plenty clear time and again. As the two sat down to discuss the details of the prenup, Shaeeda held her ground and expressed that apart from the kids, she also expected Bilal to help her set up her yoga business here in the USA.


She added that while she wanted him to help her initially, any money that she made, later on, would be hers alone and that he would not be able to ask for it later, should they get a divorce. Bilal was not on board with the idea, as he explained that Shaeeda was not entitled to his money because he was the one generating it but should he invest capital in her business, the same rule would not apply. It's here that Shaeeda reminded him that she had to leave her whole life behind to start a new one with him in the USA and had the tables been turned, she would have been willing to help him in whatever way he needed, seeing that the sacrifice being made was not a small one. Shaeeda added that she was "prepared to walk away" if Bilal refused to see her point of view.

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However, Bilal did note that if Shaeeda's lawyer was to add notes to the prenup, he would consider it before signing the papers.

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