'90 Day Fiance': Tarik afraid to show Hazel his secret texts to Minty, the woman she was once interested in

Hazel, Tarik and Minty went out for three days, before Hazel turned 'jealous' and decided to end the love triangle

                            '90 Day Fiance': Tarik afraid to show Hazel his secret texts to Minty, the woman she was once interested in
Hazel, Tarik, Minty (TLC)

A year after Hazel and Tarik began dating, they brokeup briefly over a pregnancy scare. Her tests came one positive and two negatives, which led to him assuming that she had terminated her pregnancy without his knowledge and that was it for him. While they were on a break, he met another girl, Minty, on a dating app and they hit it off immediately. But before things got serious, he called it quits and opened up about it to Hazel, who then wanted to see pictures and messages from Minty. 

Her reaction to Tarik and Minty's relationship was unexpected. Hazel wanted to "holler" at Minty, Tarik said and in no time, the three of them were hanging out together. Hazel is bisexual and has always wanted a girlfriend but in the Philippines, the societal structure didn't allow her to have her way and therefore, she depended on Tarik hoping he would find her one in America. 

The first few days went well, but Hazel soon started to feel lost in the love triangle because she had grown "jealous" of how Minty was more into Tarik than her. Upon realizing that their equation will not last, Hazel asked Tarik to not see or get in touch with Minty ever. But that has not happened. After the world was gripped with pandemic, Tarik reached out to Minty asking if she was doing okay and in a day there were 10 text messages, which Hazel has no idea about. 

Will Tarik tell Hazel the truth? Time will tell. For now, he seems thrilled about her being in America and him being able to give her a life she deserves and has always dreamed of. But there's also a concern about what happens when Hazel comes face to face with reality. His friend advised to share his secret with Hazel but there's a good chance he's not going to do it. "I am afraid to tell Hazel that I reached out to Minty. I am worried that it might mess everything up. Eventually, I have to tell Hazel," Tarik said during his confessional.

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