'90 Day Fiancé' Season 8: Is Julia Trubkina the Gibbs' new farmhand? Fans say 'K1 visa is not a work visa'

The dancer seemed to be handling it pretty well, until feeding pigs were involved

                            '90 Day Fiancé' Season 8: Is Julia Trubkina the Gibbs' new farmhand? Fans say 'K1 visa is not a work visa'
Brandon, Julia (TLC)


After their 'family' trip to Washington DC, it looks like Brandon Gibbs has finally brought Julia Trubkina back to his family farm. Her reaction right off the bat seemed happy (now that's a '90 Day' first). The two are really bringing in the drama on Season 8 of '90 Day Fiance'.

The city girl seemed to be open enough to the idea, minus the fact that any store was one hour way (Brandon did offer to get her a bicycle, talk about thoughtful). Julia couldn't help but bring up how convenient her life back in Russia was during her sound bites but seemed to put on a forced smile in front of her future in-laws.
That's until Ron and Betty busted out the farm boots. As the Gibbs took Julia around, the discomfort on her face was evident, although points to her for trying nonetheless.

While Julia was ok with feeding the horses, chickens and goats, the Russian dancer seemed to draw the line at fattening the farm pigs. Julia mentioned that she does like animals, taking care of animals isn't something she enjoys or is cut out for; constantly reminding the viewer that she's a dancer and trainer, workspaces are important to her and this one doesn't quite cut it. While she does try, '90 Day' fans instantly picked up on the fact that Betty seemed pushy when it came to Julia helping, something that Julia pointed out too. Betty dished out chores, implying that Julia would have to be okay because she has to do it anyway, much to Julia's chagrin, who felt like she should at least be asked if she wants to help out, rather than just assuming she will.

Especially with tasks that made Julia extremely uncomfortable, like feeding the chickens and straight-up screaming "Nyet, nyet, nyet" when asked to feed pigs, Betty's only reassurance was that she'd get the hang of it soon enough. 

Viewers on Twitter seemed to speak Julia's mind, "Does Brandon's mother think that she's sneaky by listing all of the chores she exects Julia to do at one time?" and another shared, " Usually farmers end up eating the pigs I think that pig is going to end up eating Julia."





Another hilariously pointed out "There have got to be some broken labor laws here with Julia being put to work." While more pointed out the hilarity of Betty's behavior: " Betty thinks she got herself a new farmhand lol "tomorrow you get to feed them, tomorrow you get to." One said: " I'm confused why is Mama Betty wants Julia to work on the farm? K1 visa is not work visa."








Julia, who was a dancer and a trainer back in Russia, seems like she clearly isn't cut out for farm life to be her whole life - her Instagram proves that she loves to travel and does enjoy the finer things in life.









But by the look of it, all the traveling she's going to be doing for the next 90 days is to the store - it is a whole hour away, after all. 

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