'90 Day Fiancé' Season 7: Mike left heartbroken after Natalie's visa to the US gets denied

'90 Day Fiancé' Season 7: Mike left heartbroken after Natalie's visa to the US gets denied

Mike and Natalie had been counting down days until they could meet each other and even though that day seemed near, bad news paid them an unexpected visit. As Mike was preparing to welcome Natalie to the US, he was saddened when Natalie informed him that she was denied a visa. 

The news came as a surprise to both of them as they did not expect something could go wrong. Natalie broke down crying as she added that she had her bags packed to come to see Mike and also said her goodbyes to all her friends. The pair seemed confused as to why the visa could be denied but appeared helpless in front of the situation they were facing. Mike and Natalie fell in love with each other after they were introduced by mutual friends. Mike's best friend, Matt got married to a Ukrainian woman, Svetlana. 

Svetlana thought that Mike would be the perfect guy for her best friend, Natalie and decided to set them up. As expected by Matt and Svetlana, Mike and Natalie felt an instant connection when they started talking. 

The pair then decided to head to Paris to spend some more time together. Going around the city and trying out different things, Mike and Natalie were able to get to know each other more. However, Mike had another plan up his sleeves. He thought that Paris would be the perfect place to pop the big question. 

Without thinking over it twice, Mike decided to propose to her during their trip and it was an instant yes from Natalie's side. Even though Mike and Natalie were excited about spending the rest of their lives with each other they knew that it was important for Natalie to come to the US to see the life that Mike lived. 

While the pair had been looking forward to their time in the US, their hopes were crushed after they found out about the visa. It looks like they will just have to wait and hope that fate has something better planned for them. 

'90 Day Fiancé' Season 7 airs on Sundays at 8 pm on TLC. 


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