'90 Day Fiancé': Emily is surprised after Betsy asks her if she is sure she has the right groom

'90 Day Fiancé': Emily is surprised after Betsy asks her if she is sure she has the right groom
Betsy and Emily (TLC)

Betsy McCue decided to accompany Emily Larina for her wedding dress shopping but not everything worked out. Betsy has been having a problem with Sasha Larina ever since she met him and it looks like she is having a hard time accepting that her sister will be married to this man forever. 

Betsy and Sasha had a falling out when they first spoke about the wedding. Sasha did not seem certain about when he wanted to get married and Betsy did not find that appealing. To make things worse, Sasha complained about how Betsy's house was filled with a lot of junk food that should be thrown into the trash. Without taking Betsy's permission, Sasha decided to throw most of the things in the garbage. 

Betsy was not happy to see how Sasha treated food knowing that there are many people who cannot even afford food. Many red flags were raised in her mind with regard to Sasha but she tried to brush them off for the sake of her sister. However, as the wedding day neared, Betsy could not help herself but comment on how she does not want the wedding to happen. 


The sisters decided to head to get the perfect wedding dress and while Emily had her eyes set on a fancy dress, Betsy suggested that she should settle for a casual yet stunning dress as they did not have much time in their hand. Even though Emily was excited about trying on dresses, Betsy was persistent about wanting a dress that would be casual. 

Hearing this Emily thought that Betsy was trying to be negative about everything. This made Betsy state that she was happy that Emily had found the perfect dress but worried if she had found the perfect groom. Emily was taken aback by the question but decided to brush it off. 

Things got real for both of them when Emily wore a veil. They realized that the wedding was happening and it brought Betsy to tears. While the sisters embraced each other with a warm hug, Sasha's topic took a backseat. 

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