'90 Day Fiancé' fans doubt Robert and Anny's relationship, claim one wants a baby mama and the other a green card

Anny and Robert have had numerous problems and it seems like the audience is taking note of everything. Some believe that their relationship won't last as Anny is only concerned about the green card.

                            '90 Day Fiancé' fans doubt Robert and Anny's relationship, claim one wants a baby mama and the other a green card
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Anny and Robert's relationship has been a rollercoaster ride with the two having spent some good and bad times together. Ever since Anny came to the US, the pair has been divided about how to go about spending money. While Robert is keen on saving the money for the wedding, Anny, on the other hand, wants to live a luxurious life. 

At the same time, Robert's son Bryson is also a priority for him but Anny has been unable to see it. Before coming to the US, Anny felt overwhelmed by the pressure of standing up to the role of being a good mother. Robert was quick to add that she would have to take over the role of getting Bryson ready for school to preparing food for him. 

While Anny managed to live up to the expectations the two again had problems with Robert having pictures of his ex on his social media. Anny was disappointed that Robert still had intimate pictures with the girls who were not in his life anymore. She demanded Robert delete them once and for all. 

However, he stated that he would not as those pictures mean nothing to him. Looking at the relationship fans were quick to point out that Anny was in it only for the green card. Many believed that no woman would stay with a man who treated them badly if it hadn't been for something.

"Anny is ONLY here for a green card. No other reason. Any reasonable person would end a relationship immediately when someone reveals that someone was hiding 3 other children," read one comment. Another thought that Robert too had his reasons to be with Anny as another comment read, "Robert is using Anny as a babysitter/new mom for Bryson. Anny is using Robert for a green card."

Meanwhile, others wanted Anny to leave Robert as soon as she could. "Anny, girl, get that green card and...RUN!! If you say something is black, Robert will say it's white, even tho he knows DAMNED well it's black...that's why he goes through baby mamas like bottled water... Run, girl!!" read the comment.

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