'Good luck getting child support': '90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise' fans concerned as Jessica and Juan welcome first baby

'Good luck getting child support': '90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise' fans concerned as Jessica and Juan welcome first baby
Internet trolls '90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise' stars Jessica and Juan as they welcome a baby boy (Instagram/jessica7352)

COLOMBIA: Season 3 '90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise' couple Juan and Jessica's child has arrived! TLC has revealed that Jessica has given birth to their first child together, a baby boy. Jessica is from a little town in Wyoming, and she met the Colombian by coincidence while on vacation on a cruise ship.

Despite the couple's quick engagement, Jessica is a mother of two and was concerned about Juan's new job as a stepfather. Jessica planned a vacation to Colombia with her two children to observe how they would live together "as a family" for the first time, in preparation for the lifestyle change. In January 2023, the couple revealed that they were expecting their first child together. This comes after it was revealed that Juan allegedly cheated on Jessica.


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Cheating scandal 

On the a previous episode, Jessica made a significant admission: Juan, her lover, had cheated on her when they were on a cruise. She recalled receiving a message from a lady who claimed to have hooked up with Juan behind her back a few months earlier. Juan admitted at the time to flirting with the other lady while keeping her in the dark about his relationship, but he denied ever having slept with her. After that, Jessica was deeply offended, and her friend, Meghan, wrote Juan some "nasty" emails criticising his behaviour. She made the decision to travel to Colombia once more, where she met Juan, got engaged, and became pregnant. When Juan lost Jessica, Jessica said that she was sorry to see him so heartbroken and so they decided to start dating again.

'Newest addition to our family'

On May 24, 2023, Jessica and Juan welcomed their first child, a son named David Vincent Daza Londoño. David weighed 6 pounds and 3 ounces when he was delivered at 1.51 pm.


"Mommy (Jessica), Daddy (Juan), and his two big brothers, Dayton and Dawson, are so in love with him already, and we all can't wait to be together as a family," Jessica said in a statement to ET. "We feel so lucky to have our beautiful blessing here. He is everything we were dreaming of and more. We are ready for our next great adventure as David's parents."

Juan shared adorable photos of himself cuddling Jessica's growing baby bump in Jamaica, along with his Instagram post in January announcing the baby's due date as June 10. Jessica informs her sons she's pregnant in an exclusive clip from May 29's episode, and they have an unexpected emotional reaction.



'He’s going to get a taste of reality and feel trapped'

As TLC made the announcement on their official Instagram page, many rushed to congratulate the new parents while some had their own criticism. One user wrote under the post, "This is giving Sherlon and Aryanna vibes." Another wrote, "She conceived this child after knowing he was cheating on her in international waters. 😂 That's a whole other level of crazy and desperate." While another noted, "So she has babies to try and force a man to stay…. looks like that is not a good plan 🥳." A fourth user commented, "Poor guy lol! He’s a bachelor for life! She needs to move on! 😂." One user showed concern as they wrote, " A new baby and two other boys to take care of on a farm? So different from his single life on the boats! It is like she trapped in him!" Another user commented, "He’s going to get a taste of reality and feel trapped when he moves to her cow town and has to be a stepdad to 2 kids and his baby. Then they’ll argue over money and he’s going to go work on a cruise ship to escape and she’ll complain that he’s never there for her and the kids and be suspicious of him being unfaithful."


One person quipped noting how Juan missed out on his child's birth, "Lmao I guess he didn’t make it to America in time for the birth." One asked, "Who intentionally gets pregnant immediately after finding out their boyfriend is a cheater? 🤦‍♀️." Feeling sorry for Jessica, one commented, "Good luck getting child support from Juan in Columbia. She will be a single mother raising that kid in Wyoming. There is know way in the world the dad would let her take the kids to live in Columbia. Very sad, but preventable." Completely shocked by their storyline, a user wrote, "I cannot believe this girl got pregnant by him did she just fall off the roof of her house I never said anything so stupid... My jaw is on the ground right now I just can't believe it for one thing her son's don't even know him for two she barely even knows him and for three isn't he a cheater." Another user wrote, "I bet he’s already cheated on her again unfortunately. 😐"

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 '90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise' fans concerned as Jessica and Juan welcome first child after cheating scandal