'90 Day Fiancé' star Larissa Santos says she only loved Colt but he has a new woman in his life

Colt and Larissa's relationship has had its ups and downs but despite this Larissa says that she only loved Colt. Unfortunately for her, he has already moved on.

                            '90 Day Fiancé' star Larissa Santos says she only loved Colt but he has a new woman in his life

Larissa Santos and Colt Johnson had many ups and downs throughout their relationship in '90 Day Fiancé' but despite this, the couple decided to get married as Colt proposed to her after eleven days of being together. While Larissa was extremely happy and accepted the proposal, unfortunately, the relationship could not last long and within six months, the two decided to head their separate ways. Recently, Larissa revealed that the only person she had ever loved was Colt and this revelation came after she got into a feud with fellow '90 Day Fiancé' cast member, Evelin Villegas over Corey Rathgeber. 

Larissa said that she only ever loved Colt (Twitter)

While Larissa might seem to remember her love for Colt, it seems like the reality star has already moved on and is with another woman. Colt has often shared pictures with Gentille who appeared on 'Marrying Millions.' Colt has often shared pictures with her and she has done the same. 

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to note that Gentille wasn't wearing her engagement ring which made fans more suspicious that the two might be dating. However, Colt as often addressed Gentille as his "bestie" even though the two often go out to grab a bite to eat or have drinks. However, fans are also rooting for the two to get together. 

Colt often shares pictures with Gentille and fans are rooting for them (Instagram)

"You look cute together. I would love to see you two work, just stay away from you mean girlfriends claws", noted one fan, while another added, "Shes beautiful Colt, congrats I am happy for ya".  Meanwhile, some fans were happy that Larissa and Colt were not together.

One fan wrote, "Larissa was a taker and no giver. Yak what a big mistake was she!!!! Colty, I wish you to have a lot of fun!!!" Larissa and Colt had many problems and they were shown throughout the show. One of the biggest issues in their relationship was that Colt's mother, Debbie, did not get along with Larissa. 

The two would often end up in an argument and Colt was forced to pick sides. At the same time, the pair also had countless arguments about money as Larissa noted she wanted to live luxuriously. Unfortunately, the pair could not work things out and separated. However, looking at this new romance brewing between Colt and Gentille we are just wondering if we will get to see the pair in the next season of '90 Day Fiancé.' 

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