'90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After': Larissa justifies plastic surgery is for her children, fans say 'go home'

Larissa Dos Santos Lima was questioned about her plastic surgery and she did not hold back

                            '90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After': Larissa justifies plastic surgery is for her children, fans say 'go home'
Eric and Larissa (TLC)

Larissa Dos Santos Lima had a transformation on the show after she went under the knife to get breast implant surgery along with surgery for the nose. She did not hold back in letting people know that getting plastic surgery was always on her to-do list. After speaking about it for several episodes, Larissa finally managed to get it done with the help of her boyfriend, Eric Nicholas. 

Larissa took a loan from Eric and assured him that she would pay him back. She finally managed to get the implants she had always wanted. The season finale of the show saw her coming into the room with her new breasts and loving every part of it. Even during the tell-all, Larissa did not shy away from showing off her new breast implants. 

Colt Johnson was quick to comment on them and admitted he had never seen her like that before. He further commented that it looked like Larissa was trying to be Dolly Parton. Andrei Castravet also did not hold back on commenting about the implants as he called Larissa's transformation "Michael Jackson 3.0". 

He further questioned her for not being there for her three children and rather spending the money on plastic surgery. Despite all these comments, Larissa did not feel ashamed of her surgery and was quick to add that she is set to have more surgeries. Larissa revealed she will soon have a "brazilin butt lift, liposuction and tummy tuck surgery" scheduled to take place on the same day. 

She further added that she was doing all these surgeries for her children and always sent them money. Some of the cast members refused to believe this and even viewers jumped in to comment on her statement. Fans were not pleased to hear how she justified getting implants for her children. 




"What a clown Larissa is. Getting plastic surgery has nothing to do with your kids. Go home and raise your children!!!!!!" read one comment. "But everybody brings up a good point... why is Larissa in the US getting plastic surgery rather than taking care of her kids back home," said another. 

"Why is Larissa mad that Andrei pointed out the truth about her kids!! You are getting plastic surgery while your children are in a different country than you," said another. A user shared, "Everything I do I do it for my kids. Larissa, you’re a joke. You had to borrow money from your dad to get a lawyer. But you can get all this plastic surgery." 





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