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'90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?': Larissa knows Eric discussed their sex life with Colt, will she leave him?

Larissa Dos Santos and Eric Nichols are back together but as she covers some truths, she starts doubting if she should continue being in this relationship
Larissa (TLC)
Larissa (TLC)

Larissa Dos Santos and Eric Nichols are back together but their relationship woes are far from over. The two decided to reconcile after spending a few months apart. While they were planning on taking things slow between them, things took a different turn when Larissa's friend asked her to vacate the place.

Having no place to stay, Eric decided to welcome Larissa to his place as he had another bedroom vacant. Even though the two thought things might be moving too soon, they decided to go with the flow. Eric hinted that even though they were living together, having separate rooms made it easier for them to have their space. Larissa agreed but there were certain things that she needed answers to when it came to their relationship. She found out that while they had broken up, Eric had been talking to another girl. Larissa wanted to find out what Eric had said about her and decided to call Nathalie, the girl Eric had been having a conversation with. 

Nathalie dropped some truths that Larissa was not prepared to hear. She recalled Eric bad-mouthing about Larissa and questioning the type of person and parent she is. Larissa had to leave her children in Brazil and come to the US when she got married to Colt. While her children are still there, Eric seemed to question her decision of leaving her children and coming to another country for a man. 

To make things worse, Larissa found out that Eric had mentioned all this in front of his parents. Nathalie did not think it was right on Eric's part to disclose personal information to someone he had just met. However, what made Larissa doubt Eric was finding out that he had discussed their sex life with Nathalie. Nathalie revealed that Colt Johnston, Larissa's ex, and Eric had met up. Recalling the conversation they had, Nathalie revealed Colt and Eric spoke about the way Larissa had sex with them and joked about how it was different. Larissa felt brokenhearted and hurt when she heard this. 

She wondered if Eric was the right person for her and did not expect him to disclose personal information to her ex. While she had to cut the call short as Eric had come back home, she questioned if others were right about Eric and if it was a bad decision to get back with him. 

'90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?' airs on Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC.