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'90 Day Fiance' fans suspect star Shaeeda Sween is dropping clues to pregnancy with husband Bilal Hazziez

While some argued that it was only Shaeeda Sween's modesty standards, many claimed that her oversized clothes are a hint of her being pregnant
'90 Day Fiance' fans suspect stars Shaeeda Sween and Bilal Hazziez are expecting their first child (Instagram/@westindianbella)
'90 Day Fiance' fans suspect stars Shaeeda Sween and Bilal Hazziez are expecting their first child (Instagram/@westindianbella)

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: ‘90 Day Fiance’ fans are abuzz with the possibility that show star Shaeeda Sween may be expecting a baby. According to viewers, the 37-year-old reality TV star, who moved to Kansas City in season 9 to marry fiance Bilal Hazziez, may have a baby bump hidden beneath her loosely-fitted clothing. Before marriage, Bilal signed a prenup stating that he would give Shaeeda a baby before she turned 40, but it seemed like he did not intend to fulfill it. He even began to push the idea of starting a family. But now it looks like the couple is finally expecting.

Could Shaeeda be pregnant? Only time will tell. But fans of the TLC show are certain that she is. The rumors that Bilal and Shaeeda are expecting were fueled by her recent launch of a yoga class where she teaches beginners and intermediates. An Instagram user's video of her promoting her business raised questions as Shaeeda seemed to be hiding something behind her outfit. She was performing a split with a thick hoodie on, which caused many fans to make their own guesses that she could be pregnant. However, not everyone is convinced and the mystery of whether or not Shaeeda is pregnant is still up in the air.


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The Instagram user @johnyates327tv posted the video with the caption, “Could Shaeeda be pregnant? To me it looks like she’s trying to hide something and I can’t imagine doing yoga in that very baggy shirt. Well if you are pregnant I’m very happy for you, between that and your studio it looks like you got everything you wanted.” The post started a hot debate as many jumped in to speculate if the couple is expecting or not. “Could be but maybe just trying to stay modest?” noted a fan, while one countered, “I don’t think she is because she was having a drink 4 days ago on her husband page…😏 but I hope she is lol. 😂” “I think she is… she has that pregnant lady face,” a fan added. “If you look at a lot of videos she's definitely covering her tummy!” wrote someone else.

Shaeeda’s face looks swollen, it seems her blanket-like sweatshirt also has a pattern that, upon closer observance, seems to spell out “Mum," as per ScreenRant. Another netizen also jumped in on the debate and wrote, “I don’t she would be showing this soon… first pregnancies take a longer time to show usually. She was just wearing tighter clothes. We don’t always know when pictures are taken based on when they post-but still.” While one added, “You can tell her from her face.” But a fan also noted, “She tends to cover up a lot. I think it’s just her modestly standards.”


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