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EXCLUSIVE | 90 Day Fiancé': Has Geoffrey Paschel been sleeping with other women? His ex-flame spills the tea

Geoffrey Paschel has moved on from Varya Malina and has been seeing other girls, Erica Smith, who met Geoffrey, opens up about her meeting in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW)
UPDATED JUL 30, 2020
Geoffrey Paschel (TLC)
Geoffrey Paschel (TLC)

Geoffrey Pachel became a household name when he made an appearance on '90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days'. The show became an instant hit because of all the cast members but one storyline that kept everyone hooked to the show was Geoffrey and Varya Malina's relationship. 

A sudden twist in their story brought Geoffrey's friend, Mary into the picture, who he confessed having feelings for. While the two started their relationship, Varya decided to come back and steal her man. The show ended with Varya and Geoffrey getting engaged but we did not get more details about the relationship because they did not appear on the tell-all. 

While many questions about their relationship are still unanswered, in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Erica Smith, who met Geoffrey on social media, opens up about their relationship. Erica and Geoffrey met on Instagram and the two quickly started exchanging texts with each other. Before she knew it, Geoffrey was already asking her to send videos and pictures. From talking for a while to talking daily, Erica thought Geoffrey seemed like a nice guy who she could hang out with. The two even exchanged some flirty text messages and decided to meet up. 

Erica recalled an incident in which Geoffrey asked her to take a picture of her using a dildo. "One instance was when I was telling him about an upcoming Christmas in June dinner party my circle of friends was planning. We were all bringing random items to play Dirty Santa Swap/White Elephant. One of my items was a monstrous dildo that was accidentally delivered to my place when I first moved in, addressed to the previous tenant. It was too bizarre and random not to use it as a gag gift. Long story short, he asked to see. So naturally, I thought he meant the size of this thing, and I took a couple of photos. He said he meant he wanted to see it being used," she recalled. 

Even after this incident, the two continued to talk and finally made plans of meeting each other. Geoffrey directed her to his house and chose to meet up on the day when his sons were not at home. While Erica had thought they would have a good time together, she was disappointed to find Geoffrey being obsessed with the fame he received through the show. 

"At first, he seemed genuine and quite charming. However, in-person he became very self-absorbed, egotistical, and shamelessly fame-hungry," she revealed. Eric stated that Geoffrey did not leave a chance to remind him that he was a reality star and even asked her to lie to people if anyone asked who she was. 

Fortunately for him, no one seemed to care. After spending an evening together, Geoffrey and Erica decided to head back to his place. "He brought up showering together when we got home," she recalled. "Also, since we weren't in public anymore, he grabbed my hand and put it on his thigh. He brought up the shower thing once more right after we got home. We were both starving though so he made some chicken nuggets. Shortly after he began watching the IG Live that he ended up joining."

Geoffrey went on to be on an Instagram live for a long time and that left Erica waiting for him to give his attention. At around 4 am, she finally had his attention. The two decided to go to bed and ended up having sex. However, Erica said she did not enjoy it and "faked it". 

The next day morning the two had breakfast together and Erica left for her place. While Geoffrey decided to meet her again, their first meeting left Erica disappointed and she did not seem interested in carrying forward the relationship. Without beating around the bush, Erica confessed to not having a good time with Geoffrey. 

"He apologized for it being a bad date and said it should’ve been a lot better," she recalled. As days passed, Erica did not have any interest in carrying the relationship any further. It is then that something unexpected happened. "Within a few days, he tried to un-send the DMs he had sent for several weeks. That morning I woke up to the following notifications and noticed his messages were disappearing," she revealed. 

Geoffrey has denied meeting Erica but MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) has proof that the two did meet and had an interaction. Speaking about his relationship with Varya or Malina, Erica said, "Anytime I brought up him possibly being unavailable and it keeping me hesitant from moving forward, he heavily implied that he was fully single. Of course, he was very careful with his words and made sure to never definitively say he wasn’t with Varya or Mary."