90 Day Fiancé's Eric Rosenbrook calls BLM 'most racist group in America', labels Antifa terrorist organization

Appearing on the 'Domenick Nati Show', Eric claimed that 'the statistics don't play out with what Black Lives Matter claims' and slammed 'Black supremacist type comments'

                            90 Day Fiancé's Eric Rosenbrook calls BLM 'most racist group in America', labels Antifa terrorist organization
Eric (TLC)

The Black Lives Matter protests have been taking place all over the US ever since the death of George Floyd in May. Many people took to the streets to demand justice for those who were wrongly accused while also highlighting the need for a society where individuals are not judged on the basis of their skin color. Appearing on the 'Domenick Nati Show', '90 Day Fiancé' stars Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha hinted that they won't be appearing on another season of the show because of all the restrictions imposed upon them by TLC. Leida revealed that the network imposed a fine of $50,000 if someone broke the contract. While the two made it clear that people won't be seeing them on the show, they did reveal they could follow what they had been up to on social media. 

Eric admitted that the network had tried to control the content he put on social media but now that they were out of contract, they did as they wished. Opening up about the Black Lives Matter movement, Eric hinted that the protesters are the "most racist group in America" and justified his statement by calling attention to the statistics that revealed America as one of the most diverse countries. "America is the most diverse country. The statistics don't play out with what Black Lives Matter claims. I get what they are doing but right now and at least when they started, they are the more racist group right now and you see a lot of comments from the members that are like Black supremacist type comments. If you want a truly color blind and not racist society then you are going the opposite direction. You are doing it wrong," he said. 

He also slammed Antifa and said, "Antifa is a terrorist organization and if you know the actual definition of fascism, they are the definition of fascism. Fascism is not right-wing. Right-wing has nothing to do with racism and white supremacy. Fascism economy is the two sides of the same socialist coin. They are a collective ideology, They are collective and not about individual liberty." Talking about people trying to defund the police, Eric said that every place will have bad apples. "In a society, you either have dangerous liberty or safe tyranny. I will take dangerous liberty any day but in any organization, you are going to have a bad apple and you can set up rules and walls but you can't weed them out unless something happens," he said.  

He also reflected on the death of George Floyd. Eric thought everything was good with Floyd until he started resisting. The reality star stated that if the cops are going to arrest someone, then the individual must make sure they are not resisting. "The cops are the judges and jury. They are not supposed to be and I get that and if you tell me we need reform to make sure they are not, I get it. If it looks like the cops are going to arrest you, then you don't resist. If you are wrongly being arrested, and I get that happens, then it has to come up in the court. I don't know why will you fight back, it is just stupid. Don't do it. Unless you have the fear of going to the prison that still does not justify fighting back. You are going to get killed or injured," he said. 

He also reflected his thoughts about defunding the police and said, "If you want to reform the police then don't take away their funding. Fund more trainees. Come up with more training to deforce the escalation or non-lethal stuff. There are better ways to reform the police than to defund them." Eric also stated that he does not think Black people are singled out as they claim. "If you look at the FBI statistics you will see cops kill more white people then Black people. The statistics they are talking about don't ring up. What you see is the manipulation by the media. You see a manipulation by the media to create a narrative and that is where Black Lives Matter came into play because they are being manipulated by the media and certain political parties." While he knew many people disagreed with him and were slamming him, Eric made it clear that he stuck by his words and reminded everyone that ever individual is entitled to their opinion. 

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