90 Day Fiance star David Toborowsky reversing vasectomy to plan a baby with Annie Suwan amid financial crunch

Apart from the financial problems David is facing, even his children Jacob and Ashley are proving difficult for Annie to handle. Will the couple's baby plans be affected?

                            90 Day Fiance star David Toborowsky reversing vasectomy to plan a baby with Annie Suwan amid financial crunch

David Toborowsky has been having a lot of trouble finding a job on the show '90 Day Fiance' amidst his financial crisis. However, this has not stopped him from wanting to expand his family with his wife, Annie Suwan. 

According to RadarOnline, Toborowsky is working towards welcoming a baby along with his wife Annie. "As soon as David can pay for the vasectomy reversal, he’s going to welcome a baby with Annie," a source shared. The reversal is $6,800. They want to have two children". The procedure of the vasectomy is not the only thing David is having trouble paying for. 

He also has to pay Annie's parents her dowry which is going to be the transfer of parental property in the form of money or land. "He still owes $13,500 for the dowry," the source went on to add. 49-year-old Toborowsky has not been able to get a job in the United States and is hoping that his luck will turn around. 

"He is looking to take a job overseas. He will make a decision very soon on that," the source added. On the show, '90 Day Fiance' David's friend Chris has been loaning him money while his young 25-year-old wife has resorted to pawning some of her jewelry to help him out with his finances.

On this week's episode of the show, David asked his sister Nancy to loan him money. "I came all the way down here for you to ask me for money?" she asked him before she flatly refused to give him any money. She also questioned him and asked whether he would be able to actually afford the vasectomy. 

David's life has not been the easiest and he attempted to turn his life around by relocating to Thailand after divorcing, suffering a stroke, and going broke less than six years ago. David and Annie started dating in Thailand and got engaged to her only ten days after meeting her. The couple does end up getting married on the show after much drama over finances.  

Both David and Annie have been called out by fans for the fact that they don't have jobs, with many fans accusing them of mooching off the government. Many fans took to Reddit to slam the couple and one such fan shared,  "Does Annie have a job yet? Do they get government assistance since their version of welfare from Chris is cut off? Just don't understand how they can afford to pay bills and what not". 

"Also we never see them making any food at their apartment; they are always going out to eat! Eating out every day is very expensive unless they eat off the dollar menu somewhere. I used to feel bad for Annie, but now I'm starting to think they are a match made in heaven because she seems to not care and only wants free fast money. She doesn't seem to be pushing him to get a job or anything like that," the fan continued. 

Another fan added, "They have a paycheck from TLC, at least David does, as Annie doesn't appear to have her green card yet. I think only David would qualify for any assistance, perhaps food stamps since Annie is sponsored by Chris. TLC might foot the bill for some stuff if they want to film them out of the apartment."

The couple seems to be having some problems regarding David's children and Annie recently opened up about what life would be like once David's son, Jacob moves in.  The reality TV star admitted that she was not looking forward to it as she believed that Jacob moving in would affect their sex life. 

"How many days is he with us?" Annie asked, to which David responded, "Four to five days a week and then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with his friends." After doing some quick math, she added, "Okay, so if he's here five days a week and two days a week with his friend, we will have sex just two times a week." 

"Because he's here, I will not have sex with you. It's not a good idea to sleep next door and he hears his dad and his new wife," Annie added in an episode of '90 Day Fiance'.  Earlier this year, Jacob was accidentally shot in the face by a friend and many believe that his staying with his dad is related to the incident. 

"I wanted to give an update on my son Jacob. He had surgery yesterday down in Houston. The damage to the muscles in his face are more severe than [first] thought," David wrote. "The main part of the bullet was removed. Please keep him in your prayers as the road he has is going to be long and hard. Thank you all again for the prayers, messages, and thoughts."

On the other hand, David's daughter, Ashley Toborowsky seems to have some pretty strong feelings towards her father and his new wife. Fans will recall the infamous dinner on the show where Ashley threw water at her father's face. Annie and Ashley's relationship is rather strained and Annie did not make things easier especially after she threw some major shade at Ashley saying that Ashley "breeds like a rabbit". 

When Ashley and Annie met for the first time, Ashley told Annie about the real reason why her parents divorced — because David allegedly cheated on Ashley's mother. Ashley also seemed to make it clear that she felt abandoned by her father after he just left for Thailand post the divorce where he met Annie.