'90 Day Fiancé': Yolanda says she still loves William, Karra hires an investigator to unmask his truth

Yolanda still loves William but there are some unanswered questions in their relationship that she need to be answered

                            '90 Day Fiancé': Yolanda says she still loves William, Karra hires an investigator to unmask his truth
Yolanda (TLC)

Yolanda and William have been talking to each other for a couple of months but their relationship has had a lot of red flags ever since they first started dating. When Yolanda first told her children about William, they were convinced their mother was being catfished. Yolanda's daughter Karra was the first one to speak out and since then she had put in a lot of effort to end the relationship. 

At first, Karra tried to explain that William's pictures had been stock images and was available online for anyone to use it. She tried to explain further by stating that even though William claimed he was from the UK, he never knew a thing about that place. To make matters worse, Yolanda was threatened to pay some money after she received an e-mail where the scammer claimed that he had private pictures of her. Karra was suspicious it might be William because he was the only person who had those pictures. She also pointed out how his Instagram page had changed into a Nigerian man's account. Stating that scamming was quite common in Nigeria, Karra seemed concerned if her mother understood the seriousness of the matter. To put an end to it once and for all, Karra decided to hire a private investigator to unmask the truth about William.

Yolanda revealed that she and William started talking a couple of days back after being out of touch for some time. Despite this, the two were quick to pick up where they had left and told each other how much they loved one another. She explained her case to the private investigator and looked forward to finding the truth about William. Despite this, fans seem certain that Yolanda will not believe the investigator and continue talking to him. Meanwhile, others thought the storyline may be stretched. 

"Y’all... it’s been MONTHS but Yolanda’s storyline feels like it’s been going on for years and we’ve literally gotten nowhere smh," read one comment. Another added, "We still doing this Yolanda story? Why TLC just why. & we most definitely don’t need to have a whole Williams segment on the reunion please and thank you." Another joked, "They could’ve had us tell Auntie Yolanda that Williams isn’t real and we would’ve done it free of charge." 

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