'90 Day Fiancé': Geoffrey gets engaged to Varya, says Mary was 'just another woman' and nothing serious

Geoffrey Paschel has finally made his choice between Varya Malina and Mary. The pair is now ready to look forward to a new life

                            '90 Day Fiancé': Geoffrey gets engaged to Varya, says Mary was 'just another woman' and nothing serious
Varya and Geoffrey (TLC)

Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina's relationship seemed to have come to an end when Mary entered the picture. Mary had been vocal about her feelings towards Geoffrey and after Varya refused his proposal, he decided to go on a date with Mary. The two seemed to hit it off and there was a level of comfort he didn't think there would be. 

However, things took a different turn when Varya suddenly knocked on the door, interrupting his evening with Mary. Geoffrey seemed surprised to see her back and while he said he was done with her, he eventually caved in and thought of giving Varya another chance as he allowed her to be with him for the two weeks she was to stay in the US. 

During her visit, Varya even met some of Geoffrey's friends and made it clear that she was not a fan of Mary. She made it clear that if she were to be Geoffrey's life partner, Mary won't be in the picture. The two ladies also have a catfight going on but Varya was quick to walk out of that meeting, with Geoffrey following behind.

Geoffrey thought it would be best to spend some good time with Varya and forget about what has happened in the past, so he took her on a sightseeing tour. Amid this, Varya made it clear that she did not want any pretty girls around "my man". Geoffrey was surprised to hear Varya call him her man. 

The two seemed to get comfortable again and it looked like their relationship was getting back to normal. Geoffrey felt it would be a good time to make Varya meet his sons. At first, Varya felt awkward as one of Geoffrey's sons had been present when she kicked on the door and things became heated between her and Mary. Despite this, she made it clear she was not a big fan of Mary and if Geoffrey wanted to stay connected to her, it would be when he is old and in a wheelchair. Geoffrey just laughed it off and continued with their trip. The pair also got a chance to sit down and reflect on what went down in Russia. 

Geoffrey asked Varya if they could go back in time, would she change her answer. Varya confessed she would have said yes. While Geoffrey was happy, he still had trust issues with how things will go. The pair then decided to indulge in some wining and dining. The dinner was a romantic one where Geoffrey confessed his feelings to Varya. He told her that he had always loved her and still does. He revealed he had been trying to cover it up with Mary but she was just 'another woman'. Geoffrey revealed he felt all the emotions coming back to him when he saw her at the door. 

Varya was happy to hear this but stated she was waiting for the next step as it had to come from him. Geoffrey felt pressured to propose and it put him in an awkward spot. Finally, the pair decided to go on a nice trip on Varya's last day in the US. 

He first took her to a place where people write down their wishes and tied it in the hope that it would come true. Geoffrey took this moment and proposed Varya, who was quick to say yes. Unfortunately, it was also time for Varya to head back home. She became emotional but Geoffrey told her they would be starting the K1 Visa process soon and he had already given her a promise, a proof of which was on her finger. The pair hugged and kissed their goodbye as they wait to reunite again and start a new life. 

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