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'90 Day Fiancé': Stephanie reveals she got rich by selling nudes, fans ask wasn't she a 'prude' with Erika?

Stephanie Matto opened up about her lifestyle before coming to the show but fans have some questions after this revelation
Stephanie Matto (TLC)
Stephanie Matto (TLC)

Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens became the first same-sex couple to come on the show and left viewers excited to see how their story would unfold. When Stephanie first introduced herself to the camera, she confessed she saw Erika has her soulmate. The two seemed to be in love as they spoke to each other on phone but things changed when they met. 

Stephanie revealed she did not want to get intimate with Erika unless she fully understood her. While Erika was not used to dating someone who feared intimacy, she decided to respect Stephanie's decision. Throughout the show, they kept having problems rising with intimacy being in discussion every time. 

Recently, Stephanie took to her YouTube page to discuss how she got rich by selling nudes. Stephanie explained how she did not find taking nude pictures any different and how her family was supportive of her decision. 

"Nudity is never something in my life that was frowned upon. I see the human body as art. I have great respect for the human form and nudity was never ever shocking to me," she said. "Showing skin to me was not a big deal." Fans were surprised to hear this as throughout the show Stephanie was vocal about not wanting intimacy while also expressing her discomfort over removing her clothes for a fun activity that Erika had planned for their date. 

"I’m so confused. Nudity isn’t a “big deal” to you but you made Erica feel madly uncomfortable on your first date.. because ???? U looking real fake right now girl" read one comment. Another added, "Damn yea, poor erica no wonder she setup great date ideas based on ur fake ass channel. Be real with urself if u gonna find true love."

Another questioned, "So you’re comfortable showing your naked body but not ok with intimacy with Erika." For some, the video changed their image of Stephanie as the comment read, "Omg! I just stumbled on her YouTube channel! What a fraud and she sells nudes! I thought she was supposed to be a prude?!" 

Another echoed similar thoughts and wrote, "U are too fake, nudity is nothing to u but yet u gave Erika such a hard time." Looks like people have some questions about who Stephanie really is. Will the show manage to change people's perspective of her?

'90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days' airs on Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC.