'90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days': Which of these Season 4 couples are still together?

'90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days': Which of these Season 4 couples are still together?
Stephanie, Erika, Lisa and Usman (TLC)

Spoilers for '90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days' Season 4

'90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days' Season 4 is set to come to an end and the fate of some of the couples have already been revealed on the show but what about others?

Every couple tried to get past their insecurities while putting their efforts into making their relationship work but not many could sail through. In the end, the negatives weighed more than the positives that led to the breakup. However, quite a few had some happy news as some led to engagement while others to a wedding. Here's a look at the couples who made it through and the ones that broke up.


1. Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens 

Erika and Stephanie (TLC)

Erika and Stephanie became the first same-sex couple on the show and the viewers were excited to see how their relationship would end. Unfortunately, their relationship hadn't been a picture-perfect one as jealousy, trust issues, and secrets led to their breakup. The two concluded that they were not fit for each other and it ultimately led them to head their separate ways.


2. Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega 

Ed and Rosemarie (TLC)

Ed and Rosemarie's relationship had been build on lies but that did not seem to matter when they first met each other. Ed had lied about his height and Rosemarie decided to forgive him. While the couple tried to make memories in the three weeks they were together, certain instances had Rosemarie question if she was making the right decision. 


Right from being asked to take an STD test to be told that her breath wasn't pretty, Rosemarie had tried her best to listen to Ed. However, the last straw in the relationship had been when Ed revealed he did not want more children. Rosemarie was disappointed and confessed she did not feel respected in the relationship. This led to the pair heading their separate ways. 


3. Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina 

Geoffrey and Varya (TLC)

Geoffrey and Varya seemed to be having a good time together until he decided to break the news that he had a criminal past. Despite this, the two tried to go on a nice camping trip together and it had Geoffrey convinced it was the perfect moment to pop the question. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned as Varya revealed that she was not ready to get married.


It seems like Geoffrey and Varya have ended things but he has a new woman in life and is set to start a new chapter.

4. Lisa and Usman

Usman and Lisa (TLC)


Lisa and Usman finally got married as they had planned to before the meeting. The pair had some differences but it was all washed away when they decided to talk things out. Usman was lucky enough to get the blessings from his family and the two had a traditional wedding surrounded by Usman's friends and family. Lisa even confirmed the news on her social media.


5. David Murphy and Lana 

David and Lana (TLC)

David's storyline had everyone convinced that Lana is not real and he is being catfished. However, things took a different turn when it was revealed otherwise. David finally manages to meet Lana and the two connect and spend some time together. The season ends with both of them getting engaged but it seems like there is no date set for a wedding.


6.  Ash Naeck and Avery Warner

Ash and Avery (TLC)

Ash and Avery had been in an on and off relationship for a long time. Their problems seemed to be coming up now and then which made it looks like the couple did not seem to have a lot of things in common. Avery even gave a subtle hint during her Instagram question and answer with the fans about her relationship with Ash and it appears like the pair is not together anymore.


7. Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks

Darcey and Tom (TLC)

Darcey and Tom appeared for the second time on the show and after a couple of episodes, fans were convinced their relationship had come to an end. Tom hinted he was seeing another woman and was set to move on from Darcey while she made it clear that she had no interest in keeping in touch with him. The pair finally headed their separate ways and it seems like Darcey is currently focusing on things that matter to her.


8. Yolanda and William 

Yolanda and William (TLC)

Yolanda was convinced she had found her soulmate when she started talking to William but all the signs had everyone around her and the viewers convinced that she was being catfished. Despite this, she refused to believe that William could be fake. While Yolanda fails to get solid answers from William despite her countless efforts, it seems like she has still not given up on the idea that William is the one for her.


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