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'90 Day Fiancé': Has Big Ed been talking to underage girls on Instagram after sexual assault allegations?

Ed Brown has come under fire for sexual assault allegations and it looks like fingers are now been pointed at him again for talking to underage girls
Ed (TLC)
Ed (TLC)

'90 Day Fiancé': Before The 90 Days' has managed to give Ed Brown a celebrity status. When he first appeared on the show, one thing that people who not take their eyes off was his neck. People started calling him "no neck Ed" and his personality paved the way for many people to fall in love with him. 

As the show progressed, there was a side of Ed that many people did not see coming. Many questioned his behavior and how he treated his partner, Rosemarie Vega. The pair ended up splitting up but that did not stop people from criticizing his behavior as some started calling him a pervert. He was also accused by his ex-colleague for sexually assaulting and harassing her. 

Despite this, his social media following reveals that many people fell in love with his personality. He started gaining the persona of a celebrity as people started requesting to join his live videos while also praying for attention from him. Not to mention, his cameo seemed to also gain popularity as people wanted Big Ed to wish them on their birthday or just leave a sweet message for them.  

However, his live videos are recently under the scanner ever since people started noticing that Ed had been talking to underage girls. The first instance that triggered many was when Ed went on live with famous Daddy Long Neck. As the name suggests, he is famous for his long neck but also some of his videos with porn stars. People were surprised to see him on a live video with Daddy Long Neck but what surprised them the most was Ed chose to go on live with a nine-year-old girl. This was first noticed by blogger John Yates. He posted an image of the video along with another post that shed light on why Ed had not been doing live videos lately. 

Ed allegedly asked a question to the girl that was overheard by her mother who reported his account. This was followed by another post that showed another young girl messaging Ed about how she liked him and would like to kiss him. Instances like this made people question Ed. "What the hell is wrong with him. There is a line. A line you just don't cross. Ed is happily skipping across this line with puppies candy and a big white van. It's weird," wrote one user when they came across the post that showed Ed talking to underage girls.

"Why are parents not monitoring this? It’s creepy these followers get younger and younger, a fact he had it on his story is sick," another said. "Why in the world would he post a child saying I’ll give you so many kisses?! Why in the world is no one doing anything !! This is so gross on so many levels. Keep posting this kind of stuff; people need to know who he is. Ugh, this makes me sick!!" a third wrote. Despite this, there are many followers for Ed who follow him with sincere loyalty. '90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days' airs on Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC.