'90 Day Fiancé': David learns Lana is a scammer but still thinks she's real due to their '7-year relationship'

'90 Day Fiancé': David learns Lana is a scammer but still thinks she's real due to their '7-year relationship'
David Murphy (TLC)

David Murphy and Lana had been talking to each other for seven years and his countless attempts of meeting her had turned out to be unproductive as Lana never showed up. David finally had to go back to the US and confessed he thought he would be coming back as an engaged man while adding that she was the one for him. 

Once he reached back, he decided to sit down with his friend, Jim, and narrate what had happened. Jim was not surprised as he was convinced Lana wasn't real. David revealed he would be hiring a private investigator as he wanted to find out why Lana lied to him. He added he wanted to do this because he wanted closure. 

Jim tried to remind him that he may not get the closure he was looking for because Lana wasn't real and he was being catfished. However, David refused to believe this and justified his emotions by stating Lana is real because they have been in a relationship for seven years. Jim agreed to go along with the plan with the hope that he would wake up and see the truth once he gets to hear the news from a private investigator. 

Finally, the day had come when the private investigator had gathered some information about Lana. He revealed that Lana was not real and the same picture was being used for different accounts. The investigator revealed Lana had multiple accounts on dating sites and had been talking to many men at the same time. 

David was also warned by the investigator who stated that a thing like this was common in Ukraine as women also deceived men from other countries. Despite this, David did not seem convinced with the answers and thought that the investigator was lying. He stated that the investigator did not know Lana as well as he did. 

David tries to justify different accounts with the same picture by stating that someone else could have stolen her picture and might be using it with a different name. While his friend, Victoria, tried to make him understand that it was time for him to move on and start a new life, David did not seem convinced and still believed that Lana was real. 

While David is still unconvinced, will he ever meet Lana?

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