'90 Day Fiancé': David insists Lana is 'real' despite being stood up thrice, fans say he needs to wake up

David has been talking to Lana for seven years and while he is sure she is real, everyone around him believes he's just being delusional

                            '90 Day Fiancé': David insists Lana is 'real' despite being stood up thrice, fans say he needs to wake up
David (TLC)

'90 Day Fiancé' introduced a brand new couple into the series but unlike others, this couple has a different story. The show introduced David, 60, into the show along with his girlfriend Lana, 27. The two have been talking for seven years and while one would think that it is a story of two inseparable lovers, there is a twist to their tale. 

It so happens that the only means of communication for the pair has been an online website where the soon-to-be retiree met Lana and the only way for them to chat is with David paying money for their chat session. To make matters worse for him, he has to pay by the minute and it gets more expensive if you want to have a video chat. 

Despite this, David revealed that he has video called Lana and has seen her which would make everyone believe that "oh, she is real". However, upon further questioning, David revealed that the video session allows people to just see each other but there is no audio in it. 

The tale of their love story gets more complicated as David revealed that he has spent some 5,000 hours chatting with Lana but there is no proof of their chats because the website deletes the chat once one of them logs out. If this wasn't suspicious enough, David shared that he has tried to meet Lana three times before has been unsuccessful. 

The first time Lana stood him up, the second time she told him that her brother had died while the third time she mentioned that she had a medical issue and had to undergo surgery. Despite this, David was sure that the fourth time would be his lucky time as he decided to book his tickets to go meet Lana. 

While he seemed excited, viewers could clearly see the red flags her identity raised. When David asked Lana if she had found the train ticket to meet him she revealed that she was busy and did not get enough time to look for them. Despite hearing this, he decided to trust her. 

Even though David is sure about Lana, everyone around him wanted him to know that he was being scammed. David's friend Victoria told him that he "knew a computer" and he refused to agree. However, David's friends are not the only people who think he is being scammed, many fans thought the same and wanted David to wake up and realize that. 

"7 years??? $100,000??? David.....dude!!!! Wake the eff up," read one comment. Another added, "David, f**k smh. This man is delusional." Looks like fans are curious to see how long will it take for David to realize that he is being scammed but to know the answer, we will just have to wait. 

'90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days' airs on Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC. 

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