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'90 Day Fiancé': After waiting for 7 years and '1000 hours' of chatting, did David finally meet Lana?

David Murphy had been talking to Lana for seven years and he tried to meet her again for the fifth time but will it be a success?
David Murphy (TLC)
David Murphy (TLC)

David Murphy came back disappointed after he failed to meet Lana for the fourth time. He had made up his mind that he needs to get to the bottom of the truth and hired a private investigator to find out more information about him. He revealed he hadn't spoken to Lana for 2-3 weeks after coming back to the US but things changed recently when he received a message from her. 

David Murphy found out Lana, the girl whom he had been pursuing for the past seven years, had been living in the capital of Ukraine. She admitted to him that she did not show up to meet him because she got cold feet, but also insisted that David should come and meet her again and assured him she would be there this time. David took this as a sign and decided to book a ticket to see Lana. 

Once he arrived there to meet her, he found out that Lana could not meet him for another two days as she was busy with prior commitments. David was not happy to hear this as he insisted he wanted to be prioritized for once. Despite this, he decided to wait for a few days and see if Lana had been telling the truth. David's patience when it comes to Lana has been irking viewers who think, he is being scammed by Lana. Despite the many red flags in their virtual relationship, David refuses to see the truth staring at him. 

He decided to meet a private investigator to find out if Lana really lived in the place that she had mentioned. However, the investigator could not help him much as he explained the legal papers might show some other information and it was hard to be assertive to see if she really lived where she was saying. 

Meanwhile, the investigator also confirmed what viewers have been thinking for so long - that Lana might be scamming David and the chances of her coming to meet him were low. David was not happy to hear this and so decided to fire the investigator. Finally, the day came when he had to meet Lana. David admitted that it would be the last time he was making an effort to meet her and if she didn't show up, he would be putting his foot down. 

David admitted that the heart wants what it wants and dismissed the idea that she might be talking to other guys. He admitted that this meeting was '7 years in the making and 1000 hours in chat'. Even though the show ended without telling if David finally met Lana, the viewers got to see David saying, "Oh my God" with a big smile on his face.

It seems like the two have finally met and with the news about the two eventually getting engaged already swirling around, we cannot wait to see how this meeting goes. 

'90 Day Fiancé': Before The 90 Days' airs on Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC.