'90 Day Fiancé: Lana and David get engaged, admit they're looking forward to leaving the dating site forever

Lana and David Murphy are finally engaged and plan to make some changes to their life

                            '90 Day Fiancé: Lana and David get engaged, admit they're looking forward to leaving the dating site forever
David and Lana (TLC)

David Murphy and Lana have known each other for seven years but fans were convinced she was not real. The pair met on a dating site and David had spent thousands of dollars trying to talk to Lana. He had revealed that the only way for them to communicate was through the site and he had no other information about Lana. 

Despite everyone around him saying Lana is not rel, David followed his heart and only thought about the time when they could be together. David tried to meet Lana on four separate occasions but none of it met with any success as Lana failed to show up each time. However, on his fifth attempt, the pair finally met. When Lana and David started spending time together, David was vocal about his thoughts on marrying Lana and did not hesitate to tell it to her. Lana, on the other hand, seemed concerned as she thought she needed more time to know David. 

David also expressed his feelings of wanting more intimacy from Lana but she kept her distance. She confessed that even though they had been talking to each other for seven years, they had only met in person for two days or so. David tried to understand her side of the story and decided to enjoy every second with Lana instead. 

The pair took a couple of pictures together, had dinners and went sightseeing, among many other things. Finally, when it was time for David to head back home. The pair seemed upset to say their goodbyes. David found it extremely hard to walk away from Lana and so he went down on his knee and proposed to her.  He told Lana that he loved her and did not want to spend any more time away from her. Lana was happy about the proposal and was quick to say yes. The two seemed happy as Lana showed off her ring. David revealed he would be starting the K1 visa process as soon as he reached the US. 

Both of them hinted they wanted to get away from the dating site and start a life together. Lana admitted she was looking forward to leaving the dating site forever but seemed worried about how she would break the news about her engagement to ger family. Since she had kept David as a secret, it looks like Lana has a lot of thinking to do back home

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