'90 Day Fiancé': Darcey is worth a cool $1 million even if things didn't work out with Tom and Jesse

Darcey Silva failed in love as she ended things with Tom and Jesse but she is still content as her career makes sure the money keeps rolling in

                            '90 Day Fiancé': Darcey is worth a cool $1 million even if things didn't work out with Tom and Jesse
Tom, Darcey, Jesse (TLC)

Darcey Silva decided to come on '90 Day Fiancé' in the hopes of finding true love. She first met Jesse Meester on social media and the pair decided to give their relationship a try as they appeared on the show. However, as time went by, their relationship went on a downward spiral.

Jesse was not happy with Darcey and how she lived her life, while Darcey did not appreciate how Jesse treated her. Throughout the season, the pair kept on arguing and it resulted in their relationship coming to an end. The tell-all episode of the show led to the pair having more arguments and made it clear that they were never getting back together. 

While people thought Darcey would have taken a break from dating, she was seen with her new man, Tom Brooks, in another Season of '90 Day'. It looked like she was finally going to have her happily ever after as the two seemed to have a lot in common. However, as time went by, trouble entered their paradise as well. 

Tom seemed to think Darcey is too emotional and it was slowly having an impact on their relationship. The pair tried to work things out but it looked like Tom had made up his mind to not be in a relationship with Darcey. The latest season of 'Before The 90 Days' had Tom and Darcey meet again only to end their relationship. 

Darcey made it clear that she did not want to be in a relationship with Tom or have any contact with him. Despite him making an effort to meet her by arriving at her house, Darcey was quick to show him the way out. Now, Darcey is focused on raising her two daughters while making sure she is single and happy. 

Even though Darcey could not find her soulmate on the show, it looks like her concentration on her career has paid off. Apart from reality shows, Darcey has had her roots spread in different areas. She owns a clothing business with her twin sister, Stacey Silva. The two have been owning the brand for years and over a long period of time, it has brought in some good amount of money. 

The pair also tried their hand at a singing career and it seems like that has helped her increase her net worth. Not to forget, Darcey has appeared on various seasons of '90 Days'. 'Before The 90 Days' to 'Self-Quarantined', Darcey had her fair share of income coming in thanks to TLC. 

Meanwhile, the show allowed her to gain the recognition that also boosted her social media following. With an increased following, it paved the way for more sponsorship deals to come her way. According to Gossip Gist, Darcey is worth $1 million and with her career heading out in a successful direction, it seems like she doesn't need any man in her life right now. 

'90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days' airs on Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC. 

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