Andrew Kenton's mom says Amira Lollysa faked anxiety attack, '90 Day Fiancé' fans glad she 'didn't get on plane'

Kenton's mother Lori believes that Lollysa faked the attack, seeing that there was no one around to know if it really happened

                            Andrew Kenton's mom says Amira Lollysa faked anxiety attack, '90 Day Fiancé' fans glad she 'didn't get on plane'
Andrew Kenton with his mother Lori, Amira Lollysa of '90 Day Fiancé' (@kinddragondrew/ Instagram/ @amira_90day/ Instagram)

With Season 8 of '90 Day Fiancé' drawing to a close, the couples are planning on tying the knot though some more reluctantly than others. However, there is one exception to that rule, seeing that Amira Lollysa and Andrew Kenton's 90-day journey ended before it could even begin. And by the looks of it, Lollysa is happy with her decision.

For those wondering what happened between the pair, they both had planned to meet in Mexico, since Lollysa couldn't fly directly into the US from France. While Kenton made it to Mexico without a single hiccup, Lollysa was held at a detention centre at Mexico and deported back to France within three days.


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Kenton didn't leave Lollysa with much of an option and had her fly to Serbia so that she could come to the US. Between the constant fights and the trauma from the previous trip, Lollysa ended up having an anxiety attack and was unable to get on the plane. Kenton didn't take kindly to it and Lollysa ultimately flew back to France. The fighting had gotten far too much at that point and Kenton asking for the ring back seemed like the final straw. 

Kenton later met with mother Lori and sister Connie, as they consoled him. While they were being supportive towards him, Kenton's mother seemed to side with Kenton entirely. She was visibly angry at Lollysa and even went so far as to accuse Lollysa of lying about her anxiety attack. Lori claims that something possibly happened before Lollysa got on the plane and that "she used the anxiety attack as an excuse". 

Even in his confessional, Kenton maintained that the whole situation felt like "a profound sense of defeat". Twitter, however, was not having it.

"How dare Andrew's mother question whether or not Amira had an anxiety attack. Was she this concerned when Amira was detained in Mexico while her son was eating, drinking and getting massages at the resort?#90DayFiance," tweeted a fan. "I'm so glad amira didn't get on that plane. #90dayfiance," added another. "Why would she call you!?!? For you to assault her verbally instead of through text #90DayFiance," said a fan. "Andrew complaining “she did nothing” 90DayFiance You have some froggin nerve man! Gross human being," said another.


Fans came for Kenton too, making him one of the most disliked people on the season. "No more Andrew scenes, please #90DayFiance," requested a fan. "I didn’t experience the same way she did.” Yeah, no shit. We saw those texts. Clearly you think you’re an amazing nice guy and anyone woman would be lucky to have you but in reality you’re an abusive piece of trash. #90DayFiance," added another.

"@90DayFiance So Andrew just going to act like he in no way caused Amira not to get on the plane? And his mom gives me Debbie vibes!" Chimed in another. 


Lollysa, on the other hand, is back in Samur, France, and is ready to focus on herself and her education while learning to love herself again. Here's to hoping that she's able to do just that.