'90 Day Bares All': Who are Brandon and Julia? A look at the ups and downs in their relationship

Think the farm boy from Dinwiddie and the dancer from Russia can make it last?

                            '90 Day Bares All': Who are Brandon and Julia? A look at the ups and downs in their relationship
Brandon, Julia (TLC)

Season 8 of '90 Day Fiancé' is barely a few episodes in and we're already privy to a range of drama, some featuring old couples and some around the new ones too. One couple that has everyone on the edge of their seats and collectively groaning would definitely be Brandon and Julia. Wondering what exactly is the deal with this couple? We have the scoop for you

Brandon Gibbs is 27, he lives in Dinwiddie, Virginia, on his parents' farm. Julie Trubkina, on the other hand, is a go-go dancer from Russia. The unlikely pair already seem to have a whole plethora of ups and downs and we're barely half-way through the season.

Love at first sight

As with most couples on the show, the couple met online but their story has a bit of a twist. It was actually Brandon's friend who saw Julia and had them get on a video call and before they knew it, their whirlwind romance had begun. The couple also ended up meeting several times overseas, where they went on some exciting elaborate vacations. In fact, Brandon proposed to Julia on a trip to Iceland. The setting was immensely romantic, to say the least. This, however, proved to be detrimental for the couple as Julia seemed to be under the impression that Brandon was extremely financially stable, while Brandon, in order to fund these trips ended up in a tough spot financially.

Brandon lives with his parents, so does Julia

Due to his current financial status, Brandon has been living with his parents on their farm. As Julia is now in the USA and staying with Brandon, she too has joined them on the farm and is staying with his parents. And if past seasons of the show have taught us anything, it's that this never ends the way we think it will.

Brandon, Julia, Betty (TLC)

Looks like Brandon's mom's fears might just be true

Brandon and his mother Betty give us some serious Colty and Debbie vibes. Betty seems to be overtly involved in her son's life, right from insisting on accompanying the couple to Washington on their small trip, to insisting they cannot sleep together in her home and directly involving herself in whether or not Julia should be on birth control.
While the birth control bit is a genuine concern, she doesn't think them having a kid just yet is a good idea, it's still absolutely mortifying to watch just how uncomfortable Julia is, how pushy Betty can be and how passive Brandon is in the entire situation.

We honestly wonder if she's going to say 'I told you so' considering the later episodes tease that Julia may or may not be pregnant. Is it just another angle that the show is playing at to keep things interesting or is Julia really pregnant? We're just going to have to wait and find out!

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