Schoolgirl, 8, exposes sexist gender stereotype in homework question with perfect answer

The proud father of the girl shared her response on Twitter, which was met with much praise onlinereceived a lot of praises online

                            Schoolgirl, 8, exposes sexist gender stereotype in homework question with perfect answer
Picture of the homework (Twitter/ @liveRPancSurg)

When an English elementary school teacher designed homework for their students, they did not know that a ridiculously sexist question will be outwitted by one of them in the sassiest way possible. According to reports, for the homework the unnamed teacher had created a list of clues for words that contain “ur” in them, which included questions like, ‘Day before Sunday...’, and ‘Her hair is not straight. It is....’

However, there was one particular question -- ‘Hospital lady’ -- the answer of which the teacher apparently assumed was "nurse" due to deep-rooted sexism. But Yasmine Sutcliffe of Birmingham chose to fill the blank by writing ‘surgeon’ thus belying the answer that was expected by the teacher. But the teacher was so sure of their answer that they wrote ‘or nurse’ beside Yasmine’s reply.


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The picture of the homework was shared on Twitter by Yasmine’s father, Robert Sutcliffe (username @liveRPancSurg). He wrote, “8 year old daughter's schoolwork - check out Q1 #looklikeasurgeon #mummyisasurgeon (and so is daddy!).” Through the post, he also mentioned that the child's parents were surgeons. Several people commented on the tweet as a person wrote, “Why the need to add "or nurse"? Teacher preserving gender stereotypes...sigh*.” The second one said, “If teachers can't think outside the box when it comes to something other than 'stock' answers then there's no hope. Excellent answer Yasmin.” The third user tweeted, “A teacher in 2017 assuming that a hospital "lady" is a nurse?! Good on Yasmin! And what about the racist assumptions on turkey at xmas too!”








A user joked, “How did the parent-teacher interview go... ? :P” Another one tweeted, “The copyright date at the bottom shows 1997! Good grief, they haven't updated their worksheets in 20 years? For shame!” “I assume that they're writing ‘or Surgeon’ on other kids papers!” a tweet stated and the other one added: “Girl might not have turkey but she’s sure got sass. Time for new handouts.”








Well, this incident was about a child giving an apt answer to a teacher’s sexist question. There was another incident when a kid gave a teacher a really hard time when she punished him for talking. A six-year-old boy slammed his teacher because she apparently punished him by taking away 25 of his 'hummingbird bucks'. The child, identified only as Isaiah, did not like it and wrote a letter to the teacher, which left people in splits.

He stated, “Dear Ms. Jones I am angry of you Because you took 25 of my humm-ing bird Bucks all because I was talking to Conner. That’s no big deal as im only 6 I can’t be Qyet [quiet] all the time and that makes you a thief and and crook. You are going to Hell real Hell the burning 1 because you a thief. I worked hard for those bucks and my Only prayer in chapel today was that god gets you to hell fast super-fast. And your new hair cut is bad real bad.”

A Twitter user said, “She need to give that baby his Hummingbird bucks! LOL!!! Must be a PK! (Preacher's kid) he went straight for the throat and told her where she going! Keepcalling out those thieves preacher! LOL.” Another added: “I love how specific he was, not just any ol' hell but the burning 1 like for real for real kind of hell. praying that she and her bad hair cut don't get there super fast.”