8 Marvel Comics characters we'd like to see in Phase IV

With Marvel preparing to take the MCU to new levels, these are the heroes and villains we'd like to see appear in the future of Marvel Studios.

                            8 Marvel Comics characters we'd like to see in Phase IV
Captain Marvel (Source: Getty Images)

After a decade of films, Marvel Studios is finally drawing the Marvel Cinematic Universe towards a climax. But this doesn’t mean the end for fans of the extremely popular movie franchise. It’s already been confirmed that the fourth 'Avengers' movie will not be the conclusion of the MCU and many of the titles for the upcoming phases are already known.

Marvel has brought a whole host of characters to the silver screen and continues to build their universe. Expectations are high that Phase IV and V will take the stories to a cosmic level and expand the already humongous roster of heroes and villains. So we decided to take a look at some of the characters we’d like to see making the migration from comics to the big screen.

1) Clea

When Marvel brought out the first 'Doctor Strange' movie, they opened the door on a whole melting pot of interesting characters. Almost immediately after the movie was announced, speculations started to fly about which characters would be included in the cast. Clea was at the top of that list.

The sorceress Clea is a native of the Dark Dimension, the home of the dread Dormammu from the first movie. It has already been hinted by director Scott Derrickson that she might be making an entry into the MCU. Bringing her on now would help explore the Dark Dimension and the nature of the Marvel multiverse.

'Doctor Strange' established the Dark Dimension as a terrifying, dead world ruled by a tyrant. With Clea, Marvel has a chance to look at the shadowy world from a different perspective. Being Dr. Strange’s longest and most popular love interest, as well as a capable sorceress with vast powers, it really is only a matter of time before Clea enters into the Strange story.

2) Annihilus

Like Clea, this classic Marvel villain also hails from another dimension. The insect-like ruler of the Negative Zone has been one of the Fantastic Four’s most popular recurring villains. In the beautifully written 'Annihilation Wave' storyline, the tyrant leads an army out of the Negative Zone and devastates most of the universe (or at least the Milky Way Galaxy anyway).

Annihilus is extremely powerful and quite decidedly insane. All his actions are motivated by his fear of death and his desire to avoid it at any cost. Annihilus is basically what you get if you take a paranoid old man and give him the ability to destroy whole worlds on a whim.

Of course, rights to the character are believed to be with 20th Century Fox but if Marvel can work the same magic that brought about Spider man’s Homecoming, the Lord of the Negative Zone could make for an amazing new villain and the 'Annihilation Wave' would be an epic story to introduce fans to the farthest reaches of the MCU.  

3) Nova

Nova is a hero who has enjoyed a lot of character development in his publication run. Fundamentally just a regular human kid who gains alien powers, Nova provides the perfect perspective to guide viewers through the vast cosmos of Marvel’s galactic level heroes. Over time and a lot of comic books, Nova has evolved from a wisecracking teenager into a wise and mature intergalactic warrior, the perfect foil for the immature and irreverent Star-Lord.

Kevin Feige has already suggested that a Nova movie might be in the works. The Nova corps and their homeworld of Xandar were already introduced in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. It would be interesting to have the movies flesh out the unique partnership between Nova, a space sheriff of sorts, and Star-Lord, a self-proclaimed space outlaw. The powers and exploits of the Human Rocket are a story made for the big screen.

4) Quasar

At one point, Quasar was one of Marvel’s most popular cosmic heroes. He was often ranked as second only to Captain Marvel in terms of power and his exploits spilled out into other, newer concepts and universes. No one is entirely sure how Quasar ended up being sidelined but the character has not exactly been at the front of Marvel’s roster in a long time. A movie would be the perfect avenue to bring this powerhouse back into the limelight.

Some of the elements from Quasar’s story are already there in the movies. For example, Quasar is the head of Project: Pegasus, a department within SHIELD that studies renewable energies. Viewers were introduced to Project: Pegasus way back in Phase I as the department studying the Tesseract.

With the comics introducing a new female Quasar who is, among other things, a SHIELD agent, Marvel might just have a fresh new version of the character ready to burst onto the scene.    

5) Red Hulk

The beauty of the Red Hulk is that he truly is everything the Hulk is not. Everything about “Rulk”, from his color scheme to his personality, is designed in stark opposition to the green goliath. Even in his human form, the fiery General Thunderbolt Ross, is markedly different from the quiet and peace-loving Bruce Banner.

Ross has been in the MCU since 'the Incredible Hulk' and was reintroduced in 'Avengers 2' as the United States Secretary of State. Should the General decided to take the plunge and “become the enemy”, he could make a formidable opponent for the Avengers.

There is some risk when it comes to the Hulk’s scarlet cousin though. The studio could decide to show him as a Bane-esque villain who combines years of military training and experience with unbridled and unlimited strength. Or they might decide to turn him into a boring, mindless punching machine like the Abomination in 'Incredible Hulk'. If done right, this is a character who can deliver quite a punch. If done wrong, however, he’s sure to be a swing and a miss.

6) Amadeus Cho

After decades of being the sidekick to heroes like the Hulk and Hercules, Marvel Comics finally decided to let the Korean-American boy genius join the big leagues as the new Hulk. With or without his gamma-related abilities, Cho is an interesting character. His intelligence and courage make him a force to be reckoned with while his humour and naivete humanize him.

Helen Cho, Amadeus’ mother from the comics, has already been introduced in 'Avengers 2' as a brilliant Korean scientist and ally of the Avengers. While there was no mention of her having a son, it wouldn’t be the first time a Marvel character hid the existence of their family for their safety.  

Often billed as the sixth (or seventh) smartest man in the Marvel universe, Cho is Rain Man and Boy Wonder all rolled into one. With Marvel’s push towards more progressive and inclusive products, Cho might just be what the studio is looking for to expand diversity in the MCU.    

7) Kang the Conqueror

The Avengers have tried time and time again to put an end to the menace of Kang the Conqueror. This has proven especially difficult because Kang is, first and foremost, a time traveler. With Kang, Marvel might have just what they need to take the MCU into a whole new direction.

Time travel has already been introduced in 'Doctor Strange' but Kang could help explore the concept to its fullest within the world of the Marvel movies. The Conqueror is a villain with powers and stature rivalling Thanos. He might just be the perfect “boss character” for the future of Marvel.

There is no dearth of good material for a Kang story. In his 54-year publication history, Kang has been a superhero, a scholar and a pharaoh. He has raped, killed and pillaged across time and carved out an empire for himself. In Kang, Marvel has a villain who is immeasurably powerful, intelligent and without any sort of restraint.  

8) Ms Marvel

When Marvel started pushing for more inclusive stories in the comics, they faced some strong backlash from fans who felt that the publisher was trying to cash in on the progressive trend. The new Ms Marvel is one character who managed to capture hearts despite this opposition and become one of the first superhero icons of this generation.

Kamala Khan, the Pakistani-American shapeshifter and superhero fangirl, is a unique hero who brings with her a refreshing new perspective on superheroes. She’s smart, funny and relatable to thousands of teens across the world. She is also one of the few Muslim comic book characters to enjoy the level of adoration that has been showered on her since her introduction just a few years ago.

Khan is an Inhuman, a member of a race of superpowered beings who were introduced in 'Agents of SHIELD'. Now that Captain Marvel, Khan’s role model and favorite hero, has been introduced to the MCU, all the things necessary to allow the Ms Marvel story to take off are already present in the movies and all is set for Kamala Khan’s Hollywood debut.