‘Is this the royal Slender Man?' Internet can't handle 7'2" Matthew Magee at Queen’s funeral

‘Is this the royal Slender Man?' Internet can't handle 7'2" Matthew Magee at Queen’s funeral
Matthew Magee served as a private secretary to the Queen for four years (Sky News live stream, Joe Giddens - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

LONDON, ENGLAND: Mourners were taken by surprise when they spotted an extremely tall man during the Queen's funeral. The tall man walking in the procession ahead of the Queen's coffin was identified as Matthew Magee. Magee served as a private secretary to the late monarch for four years. The Queen's height was 5'4" while Magee is 7'2".

Magee has beat the Queen's page 'Tall Paul' Whybrew in terms of height as the latter was only 6'4". Tall Paul even appeared in the James Bond skit for the 2012 Olympics alongside Her Majesty and Daniel Craig's 007. Known for his loyalty, he was seen alongside Her Majesty in her final days as she struggled with mobility issues. When Samantha Cohen left her position as assistant private secretary in 2018, Magee was called in to join the team. Magee previously worked as Duke of Kent's private secretary but as reported by Daily Mail was handpicked up to work for the Queen because he has a "brilliant brain" and is a "smashing guy with a great sense of humor." The internet could not help but be amazed by his height.


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Internet reacts to Matthew Magee's height

Hailing from Northern Ireland, his contrast to the Queen provided for years of comical content as he was spotted on several occasions. One user tweeted, "Mum ‘Wonder who the very tall man in the procession is?’ Me: ‘He’s very well known as the Captain of the Royal Household Basketball Team" Another user tweeted, "That very tall man in the funeral procession, a member of the royal household, must be the royal light bulb changer!"



One user who clearly had no idea who Magee is thought the Royal Family called the tallest man in the world for the funeral saying, "I can’t stop paying attention to the incredibly tall man walking in front of the vehicle carrying the queens coffin. Did they bring in the tallest man in the world for the occasion??#QueenElizabeth #queensfuneral" Another user tweeted, "The highlights of today include: a spider, a piece of paper on the floor, tall man."



Magee seems to be getting famous on Twitter as one user could find him very easily saying, "I love how all I needed to do was type “tall man” in the search bar of Twitter and I knew I would find the answer! #funeralprocession #QueenElizabethII #tallguy" Another user compared his height to the Slenderman saying, "Who is this insanely tall man. is this the royal Slenderman."



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