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'7 Little Johnstons': Trent confronts bullies, says size is no reason to be treated differently

Trent Johnston decided to take matters in his hand as he stood up to the bullies on the family's day out

The Johnstons were looking forward to spending a good week in California as they arrived to attend the 'Little People Conference'. After spending a few days in the RV trying to get to this conference, the Johnston children were happy to reunite with their friends. Trent Johnston admitted that meeting people of their size was a good experience as it helps everyone feel connected to people who go through the same things.

Amber Johnston agreed and admitted that she was looking forward to having some good time with everyone. The family had a couple of things planned out when they reached. While Elizabeth Johnston, Jonah Johnston and Anna Johnston had things planned out with their friends, Emma and Alex Johnston decided to stay with their parents while hanging out with their close friends. 

Elizabeth decided to go to an ice cream museum with her gal pals, Anna decided to go golfing while Jonah decided to party with his friends. It seemed like everyone had everything planned. At the end of the day, the family came together to spend some quality time. 

The Johnstons went to the park to have a good time and other people from their conference were also present there. While Amber tried engaging the Johnston children in a conversation, they were interrupted by a bunch of average-sized boys who started making fun of the little people who were in the park. 

Jonah seemed to be distracted with what was happening and at this point, Trent decided to take matters in his hand. He knew no one had to sit and watch people bullying them. Speaking to the camera, Trent admitted he knew he had to stand up to the bullies because on no occasion they should be treated differently for their size. 

He stated that if he had not stood up for little people, it would be a victory for the bullies and it was something he did not want. To put an end to this, Trent went and spoke to the boys who had been calling out names and using the 'F' word while talking to people. 

Trent went ahead without any fear and asked them to leave respectfully while adding that they should pay attention to their actions. While the boys did not seem happy about the confrontation, they decided to leave the park. 

By standing up, Trent sure did teach a good lesson to his children and proved that no one should be bullied. 

'7 Little Johnstons' airs on Tuesdays at 10pm ET on TLC.