'7 Little Johnstons': Trent worries Jonah might struggle in college and fail for the second time

Jonah says this time it's going to be a lot different from high school

                            '7 Little Johnstons': Trent worries Jonah might struggle in college and fail for the second time
Jonah (TLC)

Jonah Johnston has always struggled with his grades but that is not stopping him from taking on more classes in college. Amber and Trent Johnston had expressed their worry over Jonah and his studies after he had failed his math class last semester. Trent had hinted at the importance of Jonah taking ownership of what he did wrong while working hard on his grades.

It looks like he has finally taken ownership of what had happened as he sat down with his parents to explain he had shifted his stream and was taking up new classes. Jonah revealed that due to this change, his entire week schedule was packed with classes. Trent and Amber were curious to know the number of classes he would be taking. 

Jonah revealed he had six classes this semester, which would make 18 classes in total. He revealed it may not be as bad as it was in High School for him. However, Trent warned him that he did not want him going down the same road once again. Trent reminded Jonah that he did not have the motivation in high school and explained how it was necessary for him to look at college with a different perspective.

Jonah assured Trent that things have changed and he was getting more serious. However, Trent reminded him about the conversation they had in the beginning of the year when Jonah was about to start his college for the first time. Jonah had stated the same things during their conversation that took place a year before and it seemed like Trent was finding it hard to trust Jonah's words again.

Speaking to the camera, Trent admitted he was happy that Jonah was trying to be positive and move forward but added that he wanted to know if he had a plan in store if things did not work out. While Amber and Trent asked Jonah if he had a backup plan if he failed again, Jonah made it clear that it won't happen because he was not going to fail this time. 

Jonah was not too happy to hear that his parents wanted him to have a backup plan as he thought it hinted they were not confident about his abilities. Will this discussion lead to a fallout?

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