'7 Little Johnstons': Escape room divides the Johnstons into Team Boys and Girls, but who will win?

The Johnstons are taking a fun route to make sure the little ones are ready for school

                            '7 Little Johnstons': Escape room divides the Johnstons into Team Boys and Girls, but who will win?
Johnstons (TLC)

The Johnstons family is all set to go back to their old routine where all the Johnstons children are ready to head back to school. After spending their summer having a fun time together, it was time for them to get their mind working and active. Amber and Trent Johnston thought that the best way to get them on their feet was to have an interesting activity to take up. 

The pair took all their children to an escape room to make sure their mind was sharp again and the cobwebs were dusted off. To make things more interesting, the Johnstons decided to have the team as boys versus the girls. The boy's team had Jonah, Trent and Alex Johnston, while the girl's team had Emma, Anna, Elizabeth and Amber Johnston. 

The organizer of the escape room revealed that the theme of the game revolved around blue and red teams who have been at war for a long time. She explained that people have forgotten why they had been fighting and the only way to end the war was by dropping a bomb. 

The teams that would be going in would be playing the role of a neutral party who had to make sure that the war was put to an end without any violence. The boy's team was the first one to go in. Trent, Alex and Jonah were quick to connect the dots and get their mind rolling. Unfortunately, they were not able to finish the escape game. 

Alex revealed they had spent a lot of time in the first room and it made it hard for them to finish things on time. Despite getting all the aid, they failed the mission. Next up was the girl's team. Elizabeth seemed the most excited and was quick to solve all the puzzles. Speaking to the camera, she confessed that she would be the perfect candidate for a spy. 

Meanwhile, Anna stated that she would make a good snipper. As the game was coming to an end, the girls managed to do a better job than the boys but were unable to complete the mission as well. Amber revealed one of the struggles they faced was that being little people they had a hard time reaching all the clues. 

She revealed all of them had to bring in a box or pull one from another room to reach the clues. Amber admitted that it took a lot of time away from them. Despite this, the family had a lot of fun and the girls came out as the winners. 

'7 Little Johnstons' airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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