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'7 Little Johnstons' Spoilers: What does Season 8 have in store? Here's how the family deals with the pandemic

The new season will see the entire family back home together on account of the pandemic

If the Johnston family has been a part of your watch list, we have some good news for you. Season 8 is about to drop. The '7 Little Johnstons' follows the life of the Johnston clan, a family that lives with dwarfism. It covers the lives of Trent and Amber, along with their five children, Jonah, Anna, Elizabeth, Joseph and Emma.



Before you catch the new episodes, which premiered on December 29 on TLC, here's a recap of what went down previously.

Season 7 recap: I'm not dying!

In the last episode of Season 7, we saw Anna all set to leave for college. The girls set out to do some back-to-school shopping and spend some time together, helping Anna pick out stuff for her dorm. While Amber is surprised to find out that Anna won't be coming home often, Elizabeth hopes that Anna can learn to live with a complete stranger. Emma is convinced she's just going to drive that person up the wall.

Elizabeth on the other hand, who is in her senior year, is hoping to make homecoming court, in order to be able to campaign for the title of homecoming queen. Anna not coming home is brought up again and while she has no intention of visiting often, Trent thinks otherwise. He believes she's going to miss the family more than she thinks she will.

Later at dinner, Trent asks the family how long it will take Emma to text Anna. This discussion leaves Emma visibly upset for the remainder of the evening, as she thinks she can hold out for far longer. Meanwhile, Anna is in for a rude reality check when she realizes just how tiny her dorm is. Thankfully she seems to be getting along well with her roommate. Trent and Amber help her set up her room well. Amber gets emotional at the thought of leaving Anna but puts up a strong front for her daughter's sake. Emma on the other hand, finally Facetimes Anna after two days. It's here we find out that Elizabeth didn't make homecoming, but has asked Brice to be her date. Anna, on the other hand, informs her that college is boring.


Season 8 predictions: Love in the time of corona

The new season will see the entire family back home together on account of the pandemic. Living under one roof indefinitely has not been easy for anyone, but the Johnstons are trying to make the most of it. The family seems to have taken a particular liking to Instagram and have been using the app to show off their dance movies and keep themselves entertained. The season also sees Amber and Trent trying to keep the passion alive. Having been married for over 20 years, the couple is currently looking for new and fun ways to spice up their marriage and they're pulling out all the stops. With pole dancing, an intimacy coach and even building a 'love shack', the couple is clearly ready to go all out.