'7 Little Johnstons' are back for season 5 and their lives are crazier than ever

The family moves into a new house and get set to witness teenage heartbreaks, and more milestones in the new season.

                            '7 Little Johnstons' are back for season 5 and their lives are crazier than ever

The world's largest little family is making big moves in the brand new season of '7 Little Johnstons', all set to premiere on Tuesday, October 30 at 8/7c on TLC. 

Over the years there have been very few shows that depicted people with darfism on reality TV. But if you watch the show attentively, you realize that each of the family members is different, with their own individual level of understanding and serving their own brand of entertainment to an audience which is willing to watch it. 


The '7 Little Johnstons' is a show that features a family who are as normal as any other family in the world except for the fact that they all have dwarfism. To them and their family, their lives are as normal as can be. They do the exact same things that any average-sized person does, and try to maintain their active lives. 


This show is a little different from the rest because it is a mixed family. With Alex from Seoul, Anna from Siberia, and Emma from China,  the Johnston family is definitely quite a mix, but each of them seem to have adapted well to the family construct and have now become a tightly-knit unit.

After first airing in 2015, the reality TV show is back for season 5. Trent and Amber move the brood to a new house and are excited to start making memories, but they soon discover that their new home isn’t as perfect as it looks on the outside. Daughter Elizabeth copes with a painful breakup, but tries to put her focus on a local art show she is passionately participating in. 


The other Johnston kids continue to have new experiences of their own as Jonah graduates from high school and he begins dating; Anna takes on more responsibilities at home; as for Emma she starts cheerleading and Alex begins vlogging. Meanwhile, Trent and Amber celebrate their 20th anniversary and consider risking everything for the dream of starting their own family business.